Monday, April 27, 2015

It's coming down to the wire...

What does that expression mean, anyway?
I'm sure it means something meaningful.

Well, to me, it means this business of moving out of this huge house is getting closer and closer.

Here are the piano people getting ready to store our huge piano...

I took this picture so you could see the number to call if you want to store your piano
(if you live in Texas, anyway).


In other (yet not unsimilar) news, this box has been at the bottom of our freezer for a little less than 5 years.
(I know: I need to clean out my freezer more often.)

 I had been thinking it was the top of Will and Bailey's wedding cake (from Oct. 30, 2010)...
but they told me they'd already eaten the top of theirs - on their first anniversary.

So I looked inside...
It's Laura and Ryan's cake-top!!  (from June 5, 2010)

I just contacted her and she told me I could toss it.
(Well, I didn't want her and Ryan getting sick anyway.)

Those two above events happened Friday and Saturday.

TODAY the moving people came!
It's a great moving company here in the metroplex...
and it is owned by a dear friend of ours... Erich Holder.
That's Eric with an 'h'.
He's a German with a thick German accent,
and a great German work ethic.
(I'll have to tell you more about him someday.)

So we are downsizing... in a major way.

It feels good to purge.

I'm thinking I'm already breathing easier.

I've made two big trips to the Good Will Donation Station,
and will make at least one more trip tomorrow.

Mm. It feels good.

By the way, I know some folks who mainly shop at Good Will,
or other thrift stores,
and I think that's smart!
(My own daughter is one of those folks!)


laura said...

wow, the house must feel so empty! and so funny about the cake-topper

ryan said...

thanks for keeping our cake top so safe all these years! :)

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