Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kentucky lost...

... that is major.

We lived in Kentucky for 1 1/2 years.   That may not seem like a long time, but really, if you live in a place for like 2 weeks you get the 'feel' of it, I think.
We were used to football being the god of sports when we were living in Oklahoma and Texas (where I'm from.)
But not in Kentucky.
We had to adjust our 'sports thinking'...
I think we did for that short time.

Basketball is everything in Kentucky.
Ah, but last Saturday night Kentucky lost to Wisconsin in the Final 4.  Whoa. WHOA.

So tomorrow night (or tonight - depending on when you're reading this blog) it won't be Kentucky against anyone.

There will be (is) grief.

We're feeling for our Kentucky folk.

This begs the question (in my normal/regular/girlish mind): SO WHAT?!?

Basketball and football and soccer and tennis and golf, etc., etc., are what???

Maybe I'm a kill-joy who is not athletic...
tell me why I should cheer for a certain team?

Well, I guess because it is fun.

Is there another reason?

And maybe that is enough reason?

Is FUN the reason to root for anything, anybody, any team?


Maybe fun is reason enough.

Right now I'm thinking so.

So go Andrew... my great nephew... on (in) his baseball league!!!!!

Yes, that's Peggy's grandson, Andrew!



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