Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NanaWee would be proud...

... that her first grandchild is getting her dining room furniture!
(We've had it for years, and are now downsizing big time, and well, who better to have it than Jennifer!)

Here she is after she loaded her car with the chairs and a few other things.

Before that she looked at her Uncle Sam's library to see if there were treasures for her and her pastor husband Ryan to have.  (He may come take a look, too.)

By the way, here is a picture of Nana and Daddy Bob with their grandchildren, at their 50th wedding anniversary celebration, years ago...

(Front row: Daddy Bob, Will, John, Laura, and Nana (also known as NanaWee).
Back row: Justin, Rob, Jennifer and Marian.)

Now here is something interesting:
Daddy Bob's dad was called 'Daddy Pap' by his grandchildren (including Sam).
Well, Sam was going to go by 'Granddad' to his grandchildren (like Nell),
but he had a dream a couple of weeks ago,
that his grandchildren called him 'Daddy Pap'.

In short, he woke up saying, "I am now Daddy Pap to Nell."
And that is so appropriate.
Sam is Samuel Williams Carmack V,
and his granddad (whom he knew as 'Daddy Pap') was
Samuel Williams Carmack III.

(The IVth had all daughters, so Daddy Pap wanted my Sam to be the Vth.)

So here is Daddy Pap with his sweet granddaughter....
And she's coming over soon.

She'll hold up her arms to Daddy Pap,
because she loves to be lifted high (as in that picture).

(I'm still 'Grammy',
unless and until I have my own dream.)

Life is good.
But we're in the throes of moving so occasionally (not often) I feel like this...

And then I get to see my granddaughter and I feel like this...


laura said...

love that picture! and that's sweet Daddy is Daddy Pap now for Nell :)

Justin said...

Love Daddy Pap, and that Jennifer is carrying on the dining room furniture.

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