Sunday, April 19, 2015

Serenity now...

I woke up feeling overwhelmed (about moving).

Then I settled down and reminded myself that this is Sunday, the Christian Sabbath.

So I'm resting.
And being still, and reminding myself that God is God ... and I am not.

(I was needing a peaceful picture.)

I am thrilled we are downsizing... but the doing of it is something else.

I can see why folks never move.
Or never change jobs,
Or never do anything that would mean major change.

I'm glad we're doing this at our age... and not any later!

And this move is making me appreciate my parents' move from the east Texas countryside, with a huge barn (and horses, and what goes with them, etc.) and over 90 acres... and move to an apartment in the Metroplex for a year, and then a house.... and then Mother moving into the retirement center (that both my parents signed up to move into in 2004, then Daddy got to feeling better).

I guess you don't appreciate your parents fully, until you become a parent.
And likewise, I didn't appreciate their big move, until I'm doing a big move. (Well, this is different - in that they left their friends, their church, their 'world' - to be closer to me, so it would be easier on me.  Wow.  Thank you.)

Anyway,  besides blogging, and maybe going through my kitchen utensils' drawer, today is rest-day.

And thanks, Elizabeth (and Anna), for the help Friday.
And the taking of some stuff...

And Bailey and Will are taking some stuff...
and a few others are taking some stuff.

If this weren't such a quick move, I would have more of you come and get what you want... but for now, lots will be in storage (to cull later).
We also maybe would have had an estate sale... and/or a garage sale - if we'd had the time.

Anyway, here I am... resting.
And trying to detach from the junk all around.

If you have any advice on how to deal with a big move (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally) feel free to give it as a comment here or on FB. 

And I'm going to talk to Mother more about how she dealt with it. 

That's my blog-post for today.

Serenity now!!!


Being Beth said...

1. Set firm hours when you will work on sorting and packing. 2-4 hours a day is good.

2. During the hours when you are sorting and packing, work like the dickens, full speed for 25 minutes, take a 5 minute rest, and then go back to work for another 25 minutes. Use a kitchen timer.

3. When you are sorting, choose a room, closet, piece of storage furniture (set of bookcases, armoire, hutch, etc.), and sort everything into three piles: Keep, give away, trash. The give away pile should be the biggest, the keep pile the smallest.

4. If #3 is difficult, because of emotional attachment to your belongings, take photos of stuff you can't take with you, but that have a story, and later, when you're moved and unpacked, jot down the story of the item, and make a scrapbook of memories. If it's still to difficult, hire someone to help you make those hard decisions. I have a friend who does this as a career, and though she charges an hourly fee, it's also her ministry, as she listens to your story about each item, and helps you determine what to do with each item. Send me a message/email if you want her contact info.

Those are my best pieces of advice. xoxoxo

Nancy said...

Wow, Beth. That is wonderful advice. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Beth has some really good advice. I can't follow that, but give yourself room to grieve the changes. Ultimately, I think you know they are for the best, but it's still hard! Give yourself a break. You are doing a great job. :)

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