Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Serendipitous Time!! (And some special folks and a dog)

Mother and I went to the antique mall yesterday ... to work in our booth... and then to eat.
Just the two of us.

Pretty soon Will, Bailey, Nell showed up to eat!  Surprise!
THEN Sam came in!  Surprise!
Whoa.  It was a family gathering!!
(We should have Facetimed Ryan and Laura!)

I sat with them when the food came out,
and after I ate I went back to playing the piano.

And Nell would wave at me about every two minutes.
How sweet is that?!

Here's a picture of Mother with our new glass case in our booth...
Mother's retirement center wanted to get rid of it, so we said we'd take it.
I'm glad we did.
Mother has two very precious antique dolls in there now.

Here is Nell enjoying one without having to hold it.

Speaking of dolls, here are two live ones...
Those pictures were taken before (or after) their dance recital last week.

I think those two pictures kind of capture the personalities
of those two sweet sisters.

And here's a picture of their brother and father at a different time...
Elizabeth wrote this as the caption on Facebook:
"It's possible to read anywhere if you really want to...#bookworm."
I thought that was great.

Here's another picture of Andrew, when he graduated from kindergarten last week....
He received the Character Trait Award for Tenderheartedness.
Is that not WONDERFUL?!
That's our Andrew!

Well, there's more to tell you...
like we've had a lot of rain...
but I think you already know that.

I'll leave you with some pictures of Shiloh and me (and a cartoon)...
I was wearing my raincoat because Shiloh (and I) had been outside
and he was ONE WET DOG!!!

But oh, it was good to see him.
 He's a sweetie-boy.

And here's a cartoon I found I like that kind of fits...

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Saying Grace ...

I didn't take that picture.
It is a Public Domain picture I got online.
I REALLY like it.

Now you can read my post....

Yesterday in the tea room there was a family of about eight people - three generations - who sat down and seemed to be really enjoying themselves.  (Most people enjoy themselves in the tea room.)

After a while everyone's food was brought out.
Then the grandmother figure said, "Let's say 'Grace'.
I watched as they all held hands and they all said - in unison - the word "Grace".
Then they began eating.

Well, I liked seeing that.

It was just the word 'Grace'.
They said it pretty loudly...
And I liked that.

I don't know how you feel about praying in public before a meal.
My family usually does it.
But I know someone who told me years ago that she thinks that it is pious and presumptuous for folks to do that.
She said it is 'arrogant' and 'showy'.

I remember thinking: that tells me more about her than about people thanking God for the food they're getting ready to eat. 

I DO have this major opinion, though: if people pray in public before eating, they should leave a BIG TIP!!
(I won't harp on this too much except to say what many people know: Sunday church-goers are known for not leaving good tips.    Whether that is true or not, I'm not sure.  It could be a kind of prejudice toward church-goers, to say that.)

Anyway,  I like that 'Saying GRACE' thing.
Do a lot of people do that? 
(Sometimes I'm not in the know on stuff.)

Anyway, I thought I'd share that.

It might inspire you.
In closing, here's a Public Domain picture on praying before a meal that I like...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Before and After ...

Here's walking into our apartment a week and a half ago...

And here's walking into our apartment this past Tuesday...
(That's from the front door.)
Yes!  You can congratulate us!!
We're settled... kind of.

Here's a little different angle (from the front door)...


And here's a view from the other side....
That single door is our front door.
Those two doors together open up to the washer and dryer.
The colorful art on the walls is Laura's!
[You can go HERE to purchase your own Laura's art!]

Well, this is the first time I've ever shown before and after pictures...
or really any pictures of any of my abodes... for just the abodes' sake.

It does kind of feel as if I'm letting you inside my world.

Ah, but I didn't take a picture of the inside of my fridge.

I've heard you can tell the most about people by looking at their check books
(well, I guess now, at their credit card receipts),
and inside their refrigerators.

I'm not showing you those.
But it would be okay if I did.

In closing here are some poster/quotes I like ...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lovelies ... and then a cake mystery solved.

That above picture is part of Laura's May 13th blog post.  But before you see that picture on the post you will  see some beautiful pictures of scenes in January - and then in May.  They're the same scenes just in drastically different seasons. They're wonderful.  Really.  Go THERE!

And isn't that lovely... how that Texas map is turning out?!!

Here's another lovely...
It's a little music box!
It plays Will and Bailey's favorite song -
that was played when she walked down the aisle at their wedding.
(Will was singing it - on a recording.)

Here it is again... so you can see how small it is...
Will and Bailey gave it to me for my birthday.  They got it at a museum.
I have been keeping it on my nightstand lately.
(It's nice to have a treasure on my nightstand.)
In other news,
I was babysitting Nell the other day at her house,
and lo and behold, there were devil's food cake crumbles around.
I didn't get a picture of the biggest set of crumbles, but here you get an idea...
and here....
Of course, I thought, "They're letting little Nell eat over here by the couch."
Of course, that was a judgment call, of which I'm ashamed.
(And I was hoping they had more cake.)

When Bailey got home I told her that there were crumbles around,
and I hadn't swept them up yet.
(And thought maybe she'd offer me some cake.)

Then she said they'd never had any chocolate cake!

She mentioned that when I walked in that morning
there was mulch or something coming off of my shoes.

So I looked at the bottom of my nice (but kinda old) Clarks sandals...
There were the devil's food cake crumbles!!!

And my other sandal was getting ready to crumble, too...
I really liked those sandals...
... that are now in the trash can.

(I'll still buy Clarks though (on sale), because I like how they feel - and look.)

There are (at least) three lessons to this tale ...
1) Know the facts before you blame someone
for letting their daughter eat devil's food cake by the couch.
2) Every now and then check the bottoms of your shoes...
no telling what is going on down there.
3) Have a blog so you can tell about anything
and everything in your life!! 

P.S. Don't forget to check out Laura's blog post!

See you next time.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sweetness, and fun.... and a Baylor grad!!!...

For today ... 
Here is her sweetness...  (no, she's not the Baylor grad... though she's plenty smart!)

Here she is with her parents, grandparents and great grandmother on Mother's Day last week...
It was a fun lunch!
Can you see Nell waving?
She waved at most of the Parkwood residents that day.
Needless to say, they waved back!!

Different news...
Here are Elizabeth and her three...
They were in Waco to see Caetyn graduate from Baylor!!!!
(Is that not a darling picture?!)

Here's Elizabeth with her Baylor grad sister, Caetyn...
Aren't they beautiful? And it's an inside-and-out beauty.

Here is Caetyn with more beautiful Baylor Bears getting ready to graduate...
Isn't that a great picture!?!
Caetyn is the second from the left
(Her next stop? Texas Tech for grad school!)

Well, there's more to tell you.
Like we're slowly getting settled in our apartment.
I'm not ready to show you pictures, but maybe soon.

I'm back playing in the tea room.
I was gone a month! (what with moving, and then sickness.)
Thankfully I still remembered how to play "Moon River" and "San Antonio Rose"
(in memory of my dad).
If you missed my last post, which was a tribute to him, you can click HERE to go there.

In closing I'll leave you with a poster I like ....

Friday, May 15, 2015

90 years ago today . . .

... my dear dad was born!!!
Here are some pictures through the years ...

What a wonderful man he was.
He died at 81 on December 30, 2006.

He was a "Micah 6:8 Man" for sure....

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
    And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
    and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8


Trivia Tuesday

The word “infant” is from the Latin for “unable to speak".
 Ah, but that little baby speaks volumes, don't you think? 😊 ---------...