Thursday, May 7, 2015

I stopped the world and got off...

There used to be a musical about something like that ...

I've never seen the musical but I've always resonated with the title.

When I had little ones I couldn't stop the world when I got a bad cold or allergies.  I think God knows what he's doing by having (mostly) younger women having children.

This time I COULD stop the world.

This mammoth move has done a number on my health.
Saturday morning I woke up with a mammoth sore throat.
And then came the aches, and the coughing, and the I-can't-stand-up-long-enough-to-take-a-shower feeling.

That tells you we are NOT settled into our new apartment... YET...

I decided (and Sam agreed) that I needed to take care of myself first.
So not only have I not unpacked boxes, I also haven't been watching my sweet granddaughter, and I have not been playing in the antique mall tea room!

So this has been mammoth.
(I was going to say 'major', but 'mammoth' works today.)

Now we're in "The Enclave".  Technically it is the "Enclave at Hometown".   Evidently there are other Enclaves in the NorthEast U.S., but this is the first one in Texas, as I understand (with that company).

You can go to its website by clicking HERE

It might look fancy, but the price is right.

(I couldn't resist.)

We think the price is right because it is not near a freeway, or an airport.  In our last house (last week) we were just ten minutes from DFW Airport.

By the way, we've figured it takes us now just 5 minutes more to get to Mother's place, and 7 minutes more to get to Nell's place (depending on traffic) than it did from our old house.

So that was a mammoth house, and it required a mammoth move, and that took a mammoth toll on me.... but I am now on a mammoth mend...


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