Sunday, May 3, 2015

She's not who you think . . . (and some moving thoughts)...

I came across this precious picture recently...
That looks like Bailey with her little Nell, doesn't it?
It's not!  It's Bailey with her niece Caroline, years ago.

Here's Nell from this past week.
She likes being with her Daddy Pap.
And he likes being with her.

And here's a sweet picture I like...
This makes me just want to kiss those sweet cheeks.

Anyway, do you see her resemblance with Caroline?
Well, I do.

Well, their grandmothers are twins, so that might explain that!

Oh, and here's Caroline Tuesday!
It was Pioneer Day at her school.
And she recited a poem she had memorized ...
(we heard it live a couple of weeks ago).

If Nell grows up to be at all like her cousin Caroline,
well, that would be GREAT.

'Course we want Nell to be Nell...
which she is being so far!!!
(And it IS great!)

Well, we are out of the big house at the end of the cul-de-sac!!!
We'd talked about moving for years...
and now we've done it!!!

Now if I could just be Samantha on "Bewitched",
and wiggle my nose
and have the boxes unpacked.

Oh, and did I say that we brought too much stuff to this apartment?
We have 5 big boxes to take to storage.
That's 5 so far.

In closing, I'll leave you with some 'posters' that I like...

Have a great week.

1 comment:

Laura said...

That does look like Nell a lot! Crazy. And yeah, we got Rid of a bunch of stuff before moving, and then got rid of a bunch more while unpacking--took boxes to the thrift store. And I still have more I need to take...

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