Monday, May 4, 2015

Simplicity is its own reward ... (and Princess Charlotte!)

I was putting shelf paper in the drawers and cabinets of our new apartment... 
and then I realized I was almost done!

Fourteen years ago my sweet sister-in-law, Pat, graciously came
and helped me put shelf paper throughout that huge house on Jackson Court.  
We used a lot more shelf paper ... than I used Saturday. 

(I like this downsizing.)

In other news, the new princess in the United Kingdom has been named Charlotte.
 Yes, she is sweet royalty.

Well, we have our own Princess Charlotte!

Here she is at her uncle's wedding in the fall of 2009 ...

And here she is last year ...
Look at those gorgeous eyes!
And those (lack of) teeth!!!
She is a beauty for sure (inside and out).

Oh, here is another picture of her with her extended family...
Charlotte is on the far left, right in front of her mother.
(This picture was taken in 2013.)

I think those people definitely look like royalty. 

So we will call you 'Princess', Charlotte!
Or rather ...  Okay, Your Highness?


Unknown said...

This sweet post was our highlight of the morning! Princess Charlotte loved it!

Nancy said...

That is great, Jennifer!
We may not see you very often...but oh, you are family... and little Charlotte IS a princess in her own right. .... as is Molly.
Oh, and Lewis is a prince!
Oh yes.

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