Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sweetness, and fun.... and a Baylor grad!!!...

For today ... 
Here is her sweetness...  (no, she's not the Baylor grad... though she's plenty smart!)

Here she is with her parents, grandparents and great grandmother on Mother's Day last week...
It was a fun lunch!
Can you see Nell waving?
She waved at most of the Parkwood residents that day.
Needless to say, they waved back!!

Different news...
Here are Elizabeth and her three...
They were in Waco to see Caetyn graduate from Baylor!!!!
(Is that not a darling picture?!)

Here's Elizabeth with her Baylor grad sister, Caetyn...
Aren't they beautiful? And it's an inside-and-out beauty.

Here is Caetyn with more beautiful Baylor Bears getting ready to graduate...
Isn't that a great picture!?!
Caetyn is the second from the left
(Her next stop? Texas Tech for grad school!)

Well, there's more to tell you.
Like we're slowly getting settled in our apartment.
I'm not ready to show you pictures, but maybe soon.

I'm back playing in the tea room.
I was gone a month! (what with moving, and then sickness.)
Thankfully I still remembered how to play "Moon River" and "San Antonio Rose"
(in memory of my dad).
If you missed my last post, which was a tribute to him, you can click HERE to go there.

In closing I'll leave you with a poster I like ....


Sara Elizabeth said...

Yay for getting settled!! That Nell is so cute and so expressive!! I am sure Parkwood loves visits from her!!

Nancy said...

Sara, you leave great comments!!
Thanks so much!!!!!