Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beautiful people ...

We had a wonderful lunch with a beautiful bunch yesterday!

This next picture I took because it was one of the few times (lately) that brother and sister have been able to have their own conversation...
My ears couldn't quite capture the conversation.
Maybe it had to do with how to toast the bread they had for breakfast?
Anybody else want to gander a guess?

The following picture needs no caption, except that that was a mug made from Laura's art.

And you don't need to adjust your glasses for this next picture...
(I thought a fuzzy family picture was better than none.)

This next picture is of a dear daughter celebrating Father's Day a week early...
Laura gave her dad a wonderful shirt.
(whose picture I forgot to take.)

In this last set of pictures we see Nell not happy...
Most people are not good-looking when they're not happy.
Do you know the first person I thought of when I saw this picture?
I'll give you a multiple choice test...
(With my answer being the winner.)

Which person does Nancy think Nell looks like in that unhappy picture?

A) Her "Grammy" (me)...

B) Her "Mama" (Bailey Jo)...

C) Here 'Cousin Caroline'..

D) Her "Aunt Laura"...
(That picture was taken several years ago.)

E) Her "Uncle Cap" ...
That's him looking handsome, as usual.

F) Her "Daddy Pap"...
(He is sweeter than he looks.)

G) Her "Aunt Shea"...
(Shea really likes riding the Merry-Go-Round.)

Well, who do you THINK I thought of???

Answer is E: Cap!! I thought of Cap!!
(It was the first time I thought she looked like Cap.)

Here are some more pictures of him, that I like...

Do you see it?

I do!
And I made the quiz!!
So I win!!

(You can tell I've had some free time -
to make such an elaborate blog post.)
I hope you have a good week.


Laura said...

Haha, you win! Way to go. There were to many choices for me...I had no idea.. Our visit was short, but sweet. Had so much fun seeing you guys! (Will,and I were talking about fractals).

Susan Prather said...

I think she looks like her Grammy all the way!! But that's just me. Don't think I've ever seen you cry, Nancy....random thought there.

Nancy said...

I really like your comment, Susu!!

And Laura, that makes sense that you and Will (being Carmacks) would be talking about something intellectual.

I'm glad I married your dad.
Life is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Nancy!

I came across your blog in my search to find the contact information for your handsome nephew Cap.

My name is Susan and I was blessed to meet Cap last Friday, June 19, 2015, in Jamaica. Though we only hung out a short while, I found him to be most pleasant and enjoyed that time together. Unfortunately, I did not get his contact information and I left Jamaica the next day. I would like to reach out to him if you have his info and would be willing to share with me. My email address is

Thank you in advance.