Monday, June 22, 2015


For today I'm celebrating summer.... with changing my blog background... and showing you some pictures of some of my favorite people (in all the world) in the water...
That's my grandchild on the left, and Peggy's grandchildren on the right.
(Those legs are the legs of the lifeguard - Bailey Jo.)
(They're at the pool and hot tub of our apartment complex.)

Caroline has some great flippers... mermaid style.  (She bought them herself.)...

Here are a few more pictures of that swim day (which was actually over 3 weeks ago, I think.)

You can tell we have a nice pool, here at our new home (Enclave at Hometown).
(And we don't have to see about the chemicals in it, or clean it. We can just enjoy it!)
Life is easy here.
(I put out the trash right in front of our front door this morning.)
(They pick it up Monday-Wednesday-Friday morning before nine o'clock.)
(Well, they'll just pick it up Monday today.) (grin)

Now back to some summertime pictures... 
which will take us back to 2009...

First, one of the most adorable pictures there is...
That's little Caroline.
It was at the 2009 J. Earl White reunion - in our pool.
(I'm thinking little sweetie was 2 1/2 then!)

And here's another refreshing picture


(That makes me nostalgic... for the place, the people, and Shiloh!)

That last picture is mainly made up of the Richard Hartley family.
(Teri is my oldest cousin's daughter.)
(From bottom left clockwise: Richard, Nathaniel, Teri, Meredith (my cousin Margaret's daughter), David and Shiloh.)
(On a very sad note, Richard lost his father this past week.
The funeral is in Idaho, so Teri and family will be traveling from Wisconsin to there.
You can include them in your prayers.
Thank you.)

I'll leave you with another picture I like ...
(He's living with Elizabeth and her family now...
and he has a brother and a sister!...
(From left, Teddy Roosevelt (Teddy for short), Shiloh, and Tally.)
They get along splendidly.
I'll need to go and give Shiloh another big hug.
(When we took him over there, I thought I'd be dropping by every other day.
Well, so much for that.)
(I do need a Shiloh-hug, soon.)
That's it for today.

Soon I will tell you how we sold our house ...
I think it makes for an interesting story.
Stay tuned.


sara [at] journey of doing said...

These pictures just make me feel cooler looking at them... that Nell, she looks like her grammy (and that's a BEAUTIFUL thing)!!! It sure is nice being able to swim and not do the maintenance - you guys sure did that simplify thing right. ;)

Nancy said...

Thanks, Sara, for telling me Nell looks like me. I LOVE THAT!!

And yes, we are enjoying the 'simplifying thing'!!!!!

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