Thursday, June 18, 2015


We're having a grandSON!!!   
Will, Bailey and Nell came by yesterday afternoon and broke the news to us!
Yes. We're excited.
He's due in November and will be 2 years younger than his big sister.

Here's big sis with her 'Mama' yesterday...

I have never known a 'seventh' before, have you?
They're going to name him Samuel Williams Carmack VII !
(Will is the sixth, Sam is the fifth.... )
It's like he's royalty.
(Btw, they may change their mind on naming him the VII...
and I can so understand why.)

There IS something about mothers and their sons, I must say.
Take this set...
That's Elizabeth with Andrew, a few weeks ago in the tea room.
(I love that picture.)

And here's a picture of me and my son a few years back...
Do you see the armchair rests?
That's Pretzel by me, and Tambourine by Will.
(They made homes with the Gosdin family -who are dear cat lovers -
(and dear friends)
when Will and Bailey moved to Scotland for a year.
And then Pretzel and Tambourine became official Gosdins.

Why, here's beautiful Marcie with Pretzel in April.

And here she is with Tambourine.
(The colors in that picture are purrfect!!)

This blog post is an example of my blogging...
Sometimes when I start
I don't know where's it's going to come out. 

In looking for a picture of Will and me, I found the cat picture...
which led me to the Marcie pictures...
which led me to this picture her dad put on FB in February of 2014...
Jay appropriately called that 'The Eyes'.
(Seems like that ought to be entered into a contest somewhere.)
I go from Baby Boy Carmack,
to two cats,
to Marcie....
and now to where?

Well, how about some humor???
I'll leave you with three cartoons
that I randomly (on purpose) found ...

So that's how the blog rolled today! 

 (And, Marcie, thanks for letting me stalk your and your Daddy's FB photos... 
and put them on my blog.)


Laura said...

So excited For the baby boy coming soon! And I love those dog cartoons, especially the last one

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Congrats to you all!! That's so exciting!! The VII! That's amazing!!

Unknown said...

Congrats to you and your family on the up coming new arrival. That is exciting news. The Gosdin family can't thank Will and Bailey enough for the privilege of adopting Preztel and Tambourine. We love them so much and they bring us great joy. We never wanted anymore cats after we lost our last cats, but we fell in love instantly and are so grateful that they are in our lives.

Nancy said...

That comment from 'Unknown' is wonderful.
(Those cats are the lucky ones!)

Thank you, Jay, Martha, and Marcie.... so much.

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