Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trivia Tuesday ...

The largest tomato on record―a whopping seven pounds, 12 ounces―was picked in Edmond, Oklahoma, in 1986.

The 1978 low-budget cult movie ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES inspired three sequels, the first of which starred George Clooney.

Other trivia...
Brownsville, TX to Texline, TX (north of Amarillo): 956 miles.  Texline to Canada: 960 miles.

(This is in case you need to see about how far the tip of Texas is to the top of Texas.)

(This is in case you didn't know the feel of how far the top of Texas is to Canada.)

 Other trivia...
The chameleon’s tongue is almost 2 times the length of its body (not including tail). It’s also believed that smaller chameleons are can project their tongues at larger distances in comparison to the bigger chameleons.


A flea can jump more than a foot. This is comparable to a human being jumping over the Washington Monument with plenty of room to spare.

In our house before last (on Pembrooke) we had a bout with flea infestation.
I NEVER want to go through that again!!!


In closing, here's a link I like to go to to learn some things.
It's TriviaPlaza, and you take quizzes to test your knowledge... 
and in doing so you gain MORE knowledge. 
I do that when I have some time on my hands.

If there's one thing I like, it's having time on my hands!

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