Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A whole new experience ...

I had a new experience yesterday
- and Mother did, too -
because I don't think she'd been trapped before yesterday.


On the hottest day so far of the year,
we found ourselves trapped in a hot elevator!!!

It happened at Mother's retirement center, on the only elevator in her building.

It felt like an hour in there,
but I really think it was 20 minutes,
maybe 10,
or an hour and a half!

Fortunately Mark, the director, was with us.

The reason the director was in there was because the elevator had broken down earlier,
but was fixed, he assured us. Then he said he would go with us in it to get to the first floor.
We three walked in.. Mark hit 1 for the first floor. 


We didn't know how long we'd be stranded.
I had printed off a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby on a 8x11 in. piece of paper.
That became our fan.

I fanned Mother with it... and myself... and Mark.
Back and forth.
Back and forth.

Finally, on his cell-phone Mark got a hold of Carlos,
one of the maintenance/repair men at Parkwood.

Carlos came and somehow pried the doors open.
Unfortunately we were between the first and second floors!

Here's Carlos holding the doors, and Mark...
getting ready to hoist me up - with Carlos' help...
and then they hoisted Mother up.
(Of course blogging was on my mind.)

 I didn't get a picture of the hoisting,
but I got a picture of the relief...

I'm hoping the elevator works now.
(I'm out-of-town, and haven't talked to Mother about it yet.)

By the way, a brand new elevator IS coming soon!

(Hopefully REALLY SOON .... Mother is expecting company REALLY SOON!!)

In closing, here's an elevator cartoon I found ...

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