Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dust, and a boutique move... and some WHIMSY!!!

The piano I play in the Antique Mall tea room (SimpliciTeas Tea Room) has been getting unusually dusty lately, so Emily and Gabbie have been dusting it a lot!...
Thanks, sweet ladies!!!

So why is there excess dust?!  
Well, there's a good reason.
Betty Jane's Boutique, which has been near the back of the antique mall,
is moving to right next to the tea room.  

Here's owner Ronnie getting high on it....

And here's Ronnie and Ben taking a break to pose for my picture...
 Ronnie said that it should be ready Monday (as in July 20th - whoa)!

Those of us who have booths on the way to the (old) boutique are thinking of ways to get boutique customers to still walk by our booths now.


I'm thinking I could make a sign:
with an arrow pointing our way.
(My niece Elizabeth has a blue pillow in our booth.) 

Well, that IS an idea!!!


In related 'news'
here is some LoneStar Whimsy,
which you can see (and buy) before or after eating in the SimpliciTeas Tea Room!


Come by and shop and eat at LONESTAR ANTIQUES.
It is at 5605 Denton, Highway, Haltom City, TX. 

(And it's air conditioned!)

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