Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Favorite Things ...

Here's a favorite scarf!!! ...
This is our little dining room (kitchen nook) table...
decorated with a beautiful scarf niece Elizabeth gave me.
(I got the idea at an open house.)
(Will gave me the wooden bowl years ago.)

Here are my new favorite shoes...
They're actually house shoes, but they're my favorite shoes, period.
(Mother gave them to me. I love them.)

Here's a favorite picture.....
Well, that's my favorite scary picture, I guess.
Ryan and Laura love to hike in Oregon, where they live,
but sometimes their pictures make me gasp.

Here's another picture that is one my favorites....
That's my daughter Laura and my granddog Olive.
(I think I might need to go and hug them soon.)

Here's another favorite picture ...
That's Will, Bailey, and Nell
on July Fourth.
(Well, I need to hug them, too!)

My next favorite thing is totally different.

It is the new location of B.H.Carroll Theological Institute,
My dear hubby works for and with BHCTI.
(And he's on the Board of Governors.)

You can click HERE for the recent article on it.

And here is one of Gene Wilke's quotes (he's the president)...
“We describe ourselves as having a hub of operations—our administrative facilities in Irving, with long, long hallways to our classrooms in local churches,” Wilkes said. “Sometimes these hallways stretch to foreign countries, where we partner with a teaching church.”

It is exciting to be a part of Carroll Institute, needless to say.


In closing, here's a quote I really like ...

“If you have the whine in you, kick it out ruthlessly.
It is a positive crime to be weak in God’s strength.” 
- Oswald Chambers

(I need to memorize that.)


Unknown said...

Nancy, your blog is one of my favorite things. I read it and hear you voice, in my mind.
<3 u,

Nancy said...

Thanks, Su-Su....
That is a WONDERFUL comment!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I needed that.)

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