Monday, July 20, 2015

Some Quality Super-Deluxe Family Time!!!

We had some family fun this weekend!

My iPhone camera stayed in my purse... where it didn't belong.

Ah, but I finally got some pictures last night...
You can tell who came to have some crazy fun!
(from left: the Huffman family from Southlake TX,  Sandy and David from Marshalltown, Iowa;  Sam (now) from North Richland Hills, TX;  Mother-Margaret from Bedford, TX;  Jim and Carol from Nashville, TN, and Uncle Warren (Mother's little brother) from Tullahoma, TN.
(We so missed Aunt Helen who was back in Tullahoma holding down the fort.)

We had pizza from Pizza Hut (my fave)... and for dessert? We had rhubarb pie that Uncle Warren made, from the rhubarb that Dave and Sandy brought from their garden in Iowa.

 Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream wasn't available so we had ...
And yes, it was extra creamy. Mm.

We put the pie and the ice cream together...
And they went fast!

This IS the year of the J. Earl White reunion, but for various reasons we didn't schedule one.... well, until Uncle Warren and my mom wanted to get together anyway.
Warren's son (my cousin) "Tennessee Jim" and his wife '"Tennessee Carol'" flew Warren down.... and "Iowa David" and "Iowa Sandy" joined us! 

Friday night we did our usual El Fenix (we've (they've) been going for decades - even before I was born), and we had some good visiting, and getting caught up.... and well, it was delicious Tex-Mex, of course.

Saturday night we went to Central Market to hear Bailey Jo's mom (and sister Shea!) perform... and so Warren and the rest could meet Bailey Jo's talented family.  (I should have had my camera out! Truth is I was so interested in all the conversation and fun time that I didn't think of anything else (like taking a picture.))  (Bailey, Will and Nell were at Disney World - so they were celebrating there.)

On Thursday night (the first night) we had sandwiches in Mother's apartment ... and well, it was an absolutely wonderful time. Uncle Warren asked us to tell about what we'd learned from our fathers.  Whoa. That got us to all thinking, and reminiscing, and smiling, and sometimes getting a little teary.  It was awesome.  I will never forget it.

On Sunday, Uncle Warren, Jim and Carol went over to Dallas to see the old sites....
That was one of their homes in Oak Cliff.
(That's where I remember going ... and loving it.)
(It looked better back in the 60's)
 Warren, Jim and Carol also went to other places, like where Warren and Helen were married (at Rosemont Christian Church)....
Ah, but here's where Warren and Helen had their very first date ....
That's Warren and Carol in front of the El Fenix in Oak Cliff.

And here's Warren sitting in the very booth that he and Helen sat in on their very first date!
I'm thinking that menu is not the same menu?

For those of you in the J. Earl White gang that weren't here, know this: in February (weather permitting) we're having a 90th birthday party for my mom, Margaret.  It will probably be February 6th.  Keep that date open, okay?
And the same goes for the McElhany group (my dad's sister's group)... mark your calendar for February 6th!
Oh, and of course for the immediate Sam Carmack group (Sam, Nancy, Will, Bailey Jo, Nell, SWC VII, and Laura and Ryan Maxwell): Mark your calendars.

In closing I'm going to show you a J.Earl White reunion picture from 1990...
(you can click it to make it a little larger)...
That was at Warren and Helen's house in Tullahoma, TN, in 1990.

Isn't that a great-looking family?

 So this weekend was a much smaller (and kind of impromptu) gathering...
but oh it was quality time spent.

This morning Mother and I talked about how we will relive this weekend in our minds
for a long time. 

I've been smiling all morning all day. 

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