Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Summary ...

It's hot today!

 In other news, we went to our nephew Rob's church this morning.
As usual, Rob had a fantastic message for us. 
(There are few communicators as effective as Rob.) 
(I'm so glad he's letting God use him in such a wonderful way.) 
His church is a very exciting place to be. 

Here he is with his precious wife, Caroline ...

Their little girl, Delia, is three years old TODAY!!!

Here she is telling me how old she is ...
She's three!!!

I forgot to get a picture of her big brother this morning, so I'm going to steal this from FB...
They're happy, beautiful kids.
(Of course they would be.)

We (Rob, Caroline, I and others) think Delia looks like her first cousin-once-removed, Laura...
That's Laura.
And here's Delia...
Well, they're almost 26 years apart now...
but you can tell they're Carmacks!!

In other news,
we saw our granddaughter today...
Her Daddy Pap sure loves his little Nell.
(Some Carmacks have brown hair.)

I took some more pictures of her, of course...

I think she and her dress are stunning!

In other news,
we have a new cousin!!

She's Corinne...
and she's my kids' second cousin-once-removed.
(I'm thinking she's my first-cousin-twice-removed)...

Well, she's my Aunt Helen's first great grandchild!!...
That's my Aunt Helen's first grandchild, Wes, with his new daughter.
Isn't she DARLING?!!

Mother and I have sent her some unique onesies!!
That is Laura's artwork on those onesies!!!

I think Corinne is going to be the only baby in north Texas with those onesies.
(They're so special.)

You can order Laura's art on all kinds of products,
by clicking HERE, or HERE, or HERE, or HERE
Yes, that's four HEREs!!!
(I've never known anyone who has had four heres before!)

In closing,
here is some more of Laura's art...
You can order it by clicking one of those four HEREs up there. 


I hope you have a great week.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Yeah, she does kinda look like me! I consider that a compliment, she's super cute (and I've still never met her) And thanks for buying those onesies :)

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