Thursday, July 2, 2015

Throw Back Thursday ... about margarine, polio, George, etc., ... and Mother, Peggy and Me...

I was talking to my mother and her friend Kay about days gone by.
Mother was born in Beloit,Wisconsin, where margarine was forbidden (Wisconsin is the Dairy State, since way back).
One day she was visiting a friend just south of Beloit, in South Beloit, which is in Illinois, and the friend's mother was pouring yellow coloring into some solid-oil-type-substance.  The friend's mother said she was coloring their margarine, to make it look like butter. 
My mother had never heard of margarine.

You could click that to make it bigger,
but I don't think you could read the fine print even then.

I found that to be most interesting.

(Have you noticed that it depends on the year
whether margarine or butter is deemed more healthy?)

And about Mother's friend Kay, who is here with the kitty cottage she made years ago... 
Kay is an artist and taught art for years.

As a young person Kay had polio and it has affected her life ever since.
But her sweet cat, George, has been a big comfort/friend/family member to her...

Here is sweet George in his cottage...

I think of myself as a dog-person,
but George could make me question that.
(Ah, but my husband is allergic to cats, so there's that.)

Speaking of polio,
back in the fifties it was the horror of its time.

Our next door neighbor in Mississippi had it,
and I remember looking at her through her bedroom window.
We'd wave at her, and shout, telling her we missed playing with her.

She got better, but I know that like Kay, has been affected by that polio ever since.

And Sam has two cousins that were stricken by polio in the fifties.
And I'm sure some of my older blog-readers
have tales to tell about polio.

I think we should all stop right now
- this minute -
and give thanks for the polio vaccine.

In closing, here's a picture of Peggy, Mother, and me, in Mississippi.
(I think I know which one is me.)

Thankfully we didn't get polio.

Don't forget to give thanks for the polio vaccine.

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