Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday's Wandom (that's 'random' with a 'W')

1. Anxious people may want to eat more pickles.
In last month's USA TODAY they had an article about that.  I thought it was interesting.
You can click HERE for that article.

Pickles are known for other good things.  Laura's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Foster, strongly believed that eating lots of dill pickles kept her from getting colds.  (I had never heard that before, have you?)  Needless to say at Christmas time Mrs. Foster got lots of jars of dill pickles from her students.
2. On a different note, I babysat my little granddaughter last night.  Wow, she is really mastering the hand motions to some children's songs.  If I knew how to put a video on this blog (other than a youtube video) I so would.
Instead I'll put a picture of her at Disney World from last week.
I have a lot more pictures that Bailey shared with me,
but I may show them to you later.
(I'm tempted to show them ALL to you now,
but, then, I'm her grandmother.)

3.  On a MUCH different note, I'm thinking I need to detach from any news about Donald Trump. He just irks me too much. (Of course that is his agenda, I think: irking people that already feel irked.) (That sentence made sense to me.)

4. On still a different note,  I've added a new blog to my list of blog posts I like (on the right panel of this blog).  It's ADVANCED STYLE.  It mainly just shows pictures of older ladies looking spiffy.  Today's or yesterday's picture I don't like super much.  
But here's one I do like...
That lady was turning 70 when she had that picture made.
Don't worry. I won't pose like that... I don't think.

(If you scroll down on that blog you'll see a blue-haired lady -
I won't ever do that ... I don't think.)

5. Finally, I'm going west of Fort Worth today to meet up with an old friend from Mission.  I'll blog about that soon.  We haven't seen each other in over 45 years so we have a lot to catch up on. 
Wow. I AM getting old when I can write a sentence like that last one.  Whoa.

I'll close with this cartoon ...

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

That picture of Nell is too cute!! What a sweet granddaughter you have!! I hope you'll share more pictures of her!! I love the advanced style idea! You should definitely do your own type of pose! We need more strong women to emulate! (I'm with you on Trump. Oh my, he is infuriating and smug.)

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