Friday, August 21, 2015

A Sweet Young Man... and a cute little girl ...

 My last post was about my encounter with a sweet old man.

Well, the next day that I played I had a wonderful encounter with a sweet young man.

I would say he was (is) about fifteen years old. 

He came in with two woman, one of whom appeared to be his mother. 

This young man had the facial features of someone with Down syndrome or Down's syndrome, also known as trisomy 21.

Anyway, as I finished each song I would hear a soft clapping... and sure enough, this young man was applauding my playing.  How special is that?! 

(Btw, usually I'm not too excited when people clap for me in the tea room ... because well, it makes me feel kind of awkward (though appreciative).
(However, this young man's soft applause was delightful.  I loved it.)

He was sitting kind of behind me, so when I'd hear the clapping I would turn and see him looking at me smiling ... and I would mouth "Thank you."  He would keep smiling.

When I would take a break, for coffee, or to just take a break and I would look at him he would give me a hearty thumbs up... and I would return the thumbs up.  We'd both smile. 

When he was leaving I told him "Thank you for making me feel so good today." 
He just smiled and gave me another big thumbs up.

That young fella really made my day.
And maybe I made his.

I was going to make that my blog post for the day...
but now I want to add this:  
I was putting my music away today in the tea room and this little girl (who looked about three years old) said, "You're not going to play the 'pino' anymore?!"

"No," I said. "If I play any longer, well, I'll just be too tired to do anything for the rest of the day."

"Oh no!" she yelled, and added loudly "You better not get tired... or you'll be cranky!!"

I agreed and laughed.

Smart little girl.

Life can be so sweet.

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

LOL!!! Tired equals cranky. So true, little one. So true! What a special gift you get to share!!

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