Sunday, August 9, 2015

Christian attire sometimes irks me (quite frankly).

A grumpy-looking lady came into the tea room this past week wearing this t-shirt...

Don't get me wrong.  I like the message of that t-shirt.

Her facial expression, though, seemed to go from grumpy-looking to downright sour.
That just didn't seem to fit that t-shirt.

Of course, she may have been going through a hard time.
And Christians DO go through hard times sometimes.

Well, I should detach.

But before I detach fully let me say that...
that lady gave me a negative feeling,
which would have been a neutral feeling
if she'd worn a plaid blouse,
or well, something else - with no message. 

A Texas Ranger top would have been okay with me.

That reminds me of a "Honk if You Love Jesus" bumper sticker
an old friend of mine use to have on his car.

I was with him when we were going through a toll road.
The car behind us started honking and honking.
My friend got so mad...
after all, he was going through the toll booth as fast as he could.
Ah, but then we saw the people in the honking-car waving
and pointing to the sky... like this...

"Um, you have that bumper sticker on your car, you know."  I said.

"Oh yeah," he said.

So am I bashing Christian paraphernalia here? 


I know I need to be more vocal in my Jesus-sharing.
(Well, not obnoxiously-vocal.)

Ah, but maybe I NEED to be more obnoxiously vocal.
I mean, my 'obnoxious' may be a lot more timid than yours.

But if you ever see me wearing a T-shirt like this...

... pull me aside and tell me to go home and put on some different clothes.

That's all. 

Well, I could tell you my views on Carly Fiorina, or Marco Rubio, or Hillary Clinton,
but you can probably guess those. 

More later. 

Well, before 'later' I'll post this verse...
You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast,
because they trust in you.
-Isaiah 26:3

Whoa. There's nothing like 'perfect peace'. 

That's for sure.

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