Saturday, August 29, 2015

(Easy) Food Fest ...

This food fest may not be politically correct.
I mean, what is good is not always what is 'good'.

If you know me, you know that instead of eating to live, I live to eat...
... but I've never been a prolific cook.

When I do cook, I like to do it as easily as possible.
And lately I've found some 'articles' that are about easy cooking!

Here we go...

Click HERE to get the 33 3-ingredient slow cooker recipes.
(Yes, they use just 3 ingredients.)

Some of those look really good.


Here's an  'article' I found that uses canned biscuits for easy food.
Click HERE for that.
That really looks tasty.

In 2009 I blogged an easy Brazilian feast I like to put together.  
It contains these beans...

You can click HERE for the rest of the ingredients for that feast, if you'd like.
(It's one of our favorite meals.)


In other food news, you can click HERE for 55 recipes using rotisserie chicken.
Some folks don't like rotisserie chicken.
(They're missing out.)

I know that some easy recipes require ingredients that may be costly,
because well, they're already 'made'.

So I guess if you like to 'easy cook' you might have to spend more money
than if you like to cook from scratch.

This begs the question:
Do YOU have an inexpensive AND easy dish recipe you'd like to share?

(You can leave it as a comment here, or wherever.  I'd love it.)

In closing I want to share this article...
"Spicing Up Your Meals Might Extend Your Life."

I like that article... because I like spicy food!
Of course EASY SPICY food would be ideal!

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

Ahem! I beg to differ! You are quite the good cook!! I'll have to think on the recipes for you. (We're renovating and haven't been able to cook in a month! My brain is on cooking vacation!).

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