Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I'm liking this minimalist-living.

First, I'll start this post with this poster... that I really like...

At the end of April (2015) we moved from a HUGE house to a 2 bedroom apartment.

Major move.  MAJOR.

Most of our stuff is in storage now... so there's that... but it's not weighing too heavy on my mind (now).
(It's cheaper to store than to find a house to put it.)

Ah, but we HAVE been house-hunting. 
We've made offers on two houses... and were relieved when the offers fell through.

That told us something.

Relief will always tell you something, I think.

I've been relieved when a major obligation falls through.

So maybe I need to consider being a recluse. ??

Well, I can be a minimalist without being a recluse...
... because I love my 'peeps' - whether they're friends from church, or LoneStar dealer friends, or LoneStar wait staff, or cooks or customers... or FB friends, or new friends/neighbors here in the apartment complex (which are just a few, actually) or friends at Mother's retirement center, or OF COURSE MY FAMILY.... and extended family).
(Whoa, I could NOT be a hermit.)

So in writing this blog I've determined that I like minimalist -living when it comes to THINGS ... but not when it comes to PEOPLE.

(I learn stuff when I write (blog).)

Next on my blog-to-do-list is to show you some fun pictures of me with my granddaughter and Peggy's grandchildren - singing action songs.  Talk about fun!

Until then, have a great rest-of-the-week.


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