Wednesday, August 5, 2015

In all the world over there's no one like WHO?

He turned 7 on August 1st...
but we celebrated with him Tuesday night...
with a candle not lit.
(We had no matches in our apartment!)

Ah, but we celebrated...

And here he is with the girls ... sister Caroline, cousin Nell, and sister Anna...
Yes, they all look like siblings!
But then their grandmothers were (are) identical twins!
Here's Grammy and Nell... singing "The Stars at Night Go Twink-a-Link-a-Link."
Nell knows the motions!
And Nell knows these motions: "The skunks at night go stink-a-link-a-link."

And she knows the motions of "Way Up In The Sky..."
... "The Little Birds Fly."
(BTW, I'm wearing an apron...
It's a TGIF apron...
"This Grandmother Is Fabulous"!!
(Clearly that's my favorite apron.
I gave it to Mother and then she gave it to me, when Nell was born.)

And Anna knows (with Nell) the motions of "Oh, Be Careful Little Eyes"...
This is part of it which sings, "Oh, be careful little ears what you hear!"
And this is where the song goes "For the Father up above... is looking down in love"...
That's a great song.
My little Laura used to sing that A LOT!!

And here's the song "In All the World Over..." there's no one like..." and here we're singing "ANNA"...
And we're hugging her.
(Oh, we love her!!)

We sang that song for everybody in the room.... 
because it's true!...
In All the World Over There's No One like YOU!!!! 

Oh, did I tell you we listened to Caroline play a song she composed?!?!
It was beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And so inspiring to hear AN ORIGINAL SONG.

Well, the evening couldn't last forever (except in our memory)...
so little Nell said "Bye-Bye!"

So Bye-Bye.

Until next time!!

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Sara Elizabeth said...

Those pictures of you and Nell singing make my heart so happy. I tested up just looking at them. just so special. Can't believe Andrew is 7!!