Monday, August 3, 2015

Makeover made fun ... and easy!

Friday night Leana and I got together ... and I got a makeover!

Here she is checking out one of my foundations...

So who is Leana?  She's a makeup artist ... and she works the main registry at LoneStar Antiques. She's originally from Belize.  Her family came to the States years ago so her mother could get good treatment for cancer... and she did!  Lourdes (Leana's mother) has been in remission for 4 years!

Before I show you more pictures of Leana and me,
here's an old picture of her with her family...
(I stole this picture from Facebook... I hope you Cals don't mind!)
From left, Daniel, Jemima, Leana, Nadir (also known as Antonio) and parents, Lourdes and Mario Cal.
Isn't that a beautiful family?
I've known them for over 10 years.
Mario has been the main man at LoneStar Antiques,
Lourdes used to be the cook (chef) in the tea room,
and the four 'kids' have done everything at LoneStar...
from working in the kitchen, waiting tables, moving furniture
and working at the main register.

 Now, they're doing different things... but Leana is currently working at the main register at the antique mall AND giving makeovers and makeup tips on the side.  She does makeup for any and all occasions, including weddings, parties, etc.

Well, I saw one of her pictures (which make-up companies follow- and send her products to try), and knew that I needed to 'hire' her for some much-needed tips.

Here's one of her pictures, that caused me to get some help from her....
Classy, huh?
Well, I knew I couldn't look that good...
but I knew that she could help me.

Here we are before the makeover.
(I had rubbed off my dark red-clay colored lipstick and hot pink blush,
so you won't get the full effect of the makeover)
That's as good a 'before picture' as I could get.

I got all of my makeup out for her to see it.
(I poured it on my kitchen table.)
(I had a hodge podge of makeup - including 3 different shades of Cover Girl foundation
and one of Estee Lauder - from years ago.)

I also had three different shades of blush from Revlon.

And different eye shadow colors...
different colored lipsticks.
Two eyeliner pencils, etc.

All of these I have collected through the years.
(I'm a bit of a hoarder.)
There's probably an expiration date on those things,
but I have chosen not to look for such a date.)
(I'm not eating them, after all.)

Well, Leana, was wonderful .... and nonjudgmental on all my stuff, thankfully.
(No telling what she was thinking!)

She tried out the four foundations on different parts of my face (on my cheek, near the jaw line)...
and told me that you (I) want foundation that 'disappears' with your (my) skin color.

So I knew what to keep!

Then she worked on my eyes... with some of her own matted eye shadows...

My eye shadows had some shimmer; I found out that I don't need the shimmer,
which totally makes sense.

I soon quit taking pictures, as I was too involved in learning from Leana.

So here is kind of an 'after picture'.
You can't appreciate the difference in this picture.
My skin looks better, my cheeks look softer, and my eyebrows look like eyebrows.
I had Leana take a very closeup picture of me without my glasses
... so I could refer to it, when I do my own makeup each morning.

I was going to post that picture...
but I will just let myself see it.
It is a little too personal, shall we say.

Anyway, Leana and I had FUN!!!

Did I tell you we had a super supper before our makeup time...
at THE CORNER CAFE in North Richland Hills.
(It's only open for dinner on Friday nights, just so you know.)
It was super YUM!

Then we went to my apartment...
and had the makeover fun.

I was going to make it a party (inviting others to join us),
but got selfish - and potentially intimidated -
and just invited Leana.
(I feel so comfortable with her, that, well, it was SUPER.)



Being Beth said...

Does she take other clients? I could use a makeover as well. I think I'm still doing makeup like I did when I was 25, lol...need some updating for this aging process, and also for a photo shoot I've got coming up soon.

Nancy said...

Yes,Beth, she takes other clients! I'll talk to her tomorrow - and get her phone number and info (which surprisingly I don't have).. (I've just messaged her on Facebook.- and talked to her in person.)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing. Leana is my cousin and when I saw that family pic, I recalled when I was a little girl and I spent summer vacations with them. Very nice story you have of my family..Proud of my cousin... I wish she was here to do our makeyup for Carnival time in Belize..Thanks!!

Nancy said...

Thanks for that comment, Cindey!!! And it comes from Belize... wow!

And yes, the Cal family is wonderful! (as you must be since you are part of the family!)

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