Thursday, August 13, 2015

Playing Ketchup!

Really, I don't know how you play ketchup.
But since I have this blog, 
and I'm always looking for ways to get people to read it,
well, I have to think of catchy blog-post titles. 
That's how my title for this post came about.

I really mean 'Playing Catch-up!'

That's what Beth and I were doing yesterday morning
at the Corner Cafe in North Richland Hills.

We hadn't visited in a very long time ... and we needed to get caught up!
It was a super fun and yum visit ...
and we told ourselves we needed to get together more often.

Okay, Beth, your birthday is in less than 2 weeks!
It will MY TREAT!!!
(I'll be in touch.)

That was yesterday ...
TODAY I had some ketchup (catch-up) time with some more of my favorite peeps...
You'd think we'd get together a lot... and we do ... but not ALL together at the same time!!
And, of course, not all the men could join us, so we let Andrew be the Man of the Day.

Oh, it was fun.
Here are some pics...
They played "Ring Around the Rosey"...
and then they all fell down...

Then we went back to Mother's apartment ..
and Andrew opened up his birthday card/present from Nana...
It was money... and Andrew knew what it was for! 
Tomorrow he and I are going shopping! (He absolutely loves Legos and Mother and I did not have any idea which ones he had and/or which ones he wanted..... SO... he and I are going on a shopping trip get some Legos.  His mom says the nearby Toys-R-Us has a great selection.
This will be the first time Andrew and I will have just Andrew and Aunt Nancy time.
So we'll have our own ketchup time! 
Oh, and we'll go and have some pizza, too. 

I think I'm doing this shopping/pizza trip for me, instead of Andrew.

Stay tuned to see pics of what Legos Andrew pics (picks)!!


Laura said...

When I was teaching art we would have "ketchup day" every once in awhile when the kids would catch up on their unfinished art projects. I made a big paper ketchup bottle and th kids love it. I need to play ketchup on my blog soon!

Nancy said...

Laura, I'm thinking I must have gotten the 'ketchup' idea from you (subconsciously).
Because when I read your comment it was like, "Oh yeah, Laura had that idea."

(You're a great example.)

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Andrew's face reading that card is precious!! Hope you both enjoyed Lego time!! (How could you not?!)

Nancy said...

Sara, Andrew and I had such fun with our Lego time.... you'll see soon!!

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