Monday, August 24, 2015

Ready or not ...

... it's a new school year!
Here are Anna, Andrew, and Caroline...
They started homeschooling today!
(They're excited!)
(They're my twin's grandchildren.)

Here are Sam's sister Pat's grandchildren....
That's Charlotte, Molly and Lewis...
and they all started a new school today!
(Charlotte is in fourth grade, Molly is in sixth,
and Lewis is in second.)
(They're Jennifer's children.)

Now here are Pat's grandchildren whose mother is Marian.
That's Finn and Eloise...
and they're in the third and first grade.
And they got to ride the school bus to school!
Isn't that a great picture?!

 Pat's youngest, Justin, has two little boys, but they are not ready for school yet,
but will be soon - since time flies!

Here is the family...
That's Amber holding Arlo, and Justin holding Thatcher, who recently turned one.
(Beautiful family.)

And now for Sam's brother Steve's grandchildren...
That's Rob's son Sawyer with his mom Caroline.

And here is Delia, Rob and Caroline's daughter....
Isn't Delia beautiful?
(She is now a ballerina, or 'beweena', as she calls herself.)

And here is Sam's brother Steve's son Mac, on his first day of school...
I got this from Facebook (where I got the others).
Mac is the little guy.
And that's his gorgeous mom Lorie, and brother Jason,
and his father Steve is in the blue shirt.
(I think Mac wishes he could take his dog to school.)

Well, our granddaughter is not starting school (well preschool pretty soon),
but she HAS graduated to a new bed in a new room....
This is Bailey's 'panoramic' picture... which she says (and I agree) doesn't show off how well painted the walls look.
(But I think it captures the beauty of Nell's room.)

Bailey and Will told us that Nell really likes her new bed.

Yesterday Sam took this picture of Nell-Belle...

... and I think she really looks like her mother, Bailey, when Bailey was little....
Isn't she darling?

Well, I wasn't going to show you so many pictures... but I couldn't help myself. 

Of course if you've been on Facebook today
you may have seen plenty of first-day-of-school pics.
I have and have enjoyed every single one.

And oh, do I have the memories of little Will and little Laura starting school each year. 


Time flies...
whether we're ready or not!

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

What fun pictures!! You have so many people to celebrate today!!! That Delia is beautiful!!!!!!! I don't think I've seen any recent pictures of her!! And Nell... well, she still looks like you... and that's a GREAT thing!!!

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