Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wonderful, Whimsical Winks Wow!!! (Wow is a verb here.)

My dear friend (sister-type) Susan Prather makes Winks!!

Here's one...
Isn't he adorable?

And here are some in Mother's and my booth at LoneStar Antiques (5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX)...
I might have them too bunched up together.
(I'll make them look better soon, SuSu.)
Anyway, it seems there is a lady who is a major fan of Susan's Winks.
I'd heard about her... and then I met her!!!

Here is Kathy with some winks she bought last Friday ...
That's her fun friend, Pat, behind her.
Kathy and her pal, Pat, come all the way from Plano to shop at LoneStar.  
It is their absolute favorite antique mall in the Metroplex.
And then they discovered the Winks in my booth...
and wanted more...
so Susan made more
(which show in the booth picture)
and the rest is history.

One thing Kathy does with the cat winks
is give them to friends who have lost their cats.

She also has a room in her house that she decorates with cats and dogs.

Anyway, she's one of Susan's major fans.
Hopefully one day I'll get them together!!

Oh, here's a recent Wink that Susan made with her mother-in-law last week...
Super cute, huh?

Well, children love winks, for sure.

Here are my great nieces with a Wink they love...
Well, that was Caroline's,
but later Anna and Andrew got their own.

In closing, here is a quote I must share...

A strong woman looks a challenge
dead in the eye
and gives it a wink.
- Gina Carey

And Susan is a strong woman who gives her challenges a WINK.

For sure.

Susan was diagnosed with a chronic illness about 3 years ago,
and had to quit her job.
Now she stays at home and shares her whimsical WINKS with us!!


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