Tuesday, September 29, 2015

So we need time to just BE?

My most recent poll was kind of telling.

That is, it was telling me that most of my poll-voters were maybe wanting some time just to BE.

The poll question was "Which is a more interesting title for a self-help book?"
The answers to choose from:
Time to Play.
Time to Relax.
Time to Soar.
Time to Be.

(I thought Relax would win, but Be won.)

This time of year can have exhausting busyness creep up on us.
There are school activities... extracurricular activities ... and church activities getting into full swing.
Oh and football games to go to - or play.
And Halloween is coming ... and Thanksgiving is coming .... and then Christmas!!
And it all comes after maybe a lazy summer.

(I'm tired just writing that.)

Lately I have found some articles on the internet that deal with slowing down... and putting margins and boundaries in our lives.

Why just this very morning I found an article posted on Facebook by Donald Miller that fits this theme.
It's Shauna Niequist's "Stop Hustling and Get Your Life Back".  It's great.

Here is another article I saw recently, that is, well, more than good : It's "7 Spiritual Consequences of a Hurried, Busy Life."

And here is another good article/essay: "I'm Returning to Single-Tasking."

I hope you have time to maybe give one of those a look.
And if you don't have time to give them a look, well, at least I've made you think that maybe an unhurried life is good.

In the summer and fall of 1989 I went to a Christian counselor.  I was going for grief therapy. 
During our counseling sessions it seemed that I was dealing with more than grief.
Del (my counselor) had me take a burnout test. And I scored high, which was not a good thing.
(I've blogged about this before.)

Anyway, I learned to give myself permission to be imperfect. I learned that clutter was not evil and wouldn't actually 'grow'... And that sometimes dirty clothes aren't THAT dirty and can be worn one - or more- times, before washing. And that serving frozen pizza (after it's been baked) is okay every now and then.

And I didn't have to be the perfect pastor's wife.  Really. I could just be the first runner-up!

I write all this to say that this time of year can make you tired.

So maybe you ought to take the time to rest... and not do everything.

Here are 2 signs I like...

And this next one kind of relates....  (I love it.)

I have another poll up (upper right).  If you can, please vote... but no pressure.

Friday, September 25, 2015

On Public Speaking, Politics, the Pope... and singing a high note...

When was in high school I took a speech class with Mrs. Constance (Connie) Haugarth.
It changed my life.
I ended up taking all of her courses, and was in drama, and went to U.I.L (University Interscholastic League) contests for three years, in the areas of public speaking and drama.

I then ended up majoring in Speech (now called Oral Communications) in college.

And I taught Speech/Drama and English in Mission Junior High for three years, and then seventh grade English in Aledo, TX Junior High (now called Middle School).

In learning about speech making, I learned it is often more how you say something than what you say.
What a pity.
Substance should trump style.

Speaking of Trump... he has no lack of confidence when it comes to public speaking...

And Bernie Sanders has no lack of confidence either...

Both Trump and Sanders use extremely loaded language... to rally their troops.

What Trump doesn't tell you (among other things) is specifically how he will deal with other rogue nations.
Right. He shouldn't be specific... but he should tell us something.

And what Sanders doesn't tell you is that in his zeal for the poor and downtrodden he will spend trillions of dollars we don't have... leaving future generations in much more debt than ever.

But those guys rally the crowds.

But they don't rally yours truly.

But public speaking expertise has value.

Well, Barack Obama's keynote address, which he did so eloquently at the Democratic convention in 2004, catapulted him into the spotlight, and then the Presidency.

And then I think of Pope Francis and his public speaking style.
It is just real... no fluff... but everybody is listening.
Well, he IS Pope.

In one of the speech courses I took we learned how people can be manipulated.... by grocery stores and how they place products, to what subtle background music is put in commercials, to how body language can affect people's impression of someone, etc.

A former music minister I knew well told me that a soloist can get more "Amens" at the end of a solo in church if he/she ends the song on a rousing high note.
That did NOT make me want to end a song on a high note.
It made me disgusted.

So everyone is being manipulated, I thought.

I am a cynic.

Ah, but there IS Jesus... and how he turns everything upside down: he was born in a stable, executed as a criminal, raised from the dead without anybody applauding, and ... he lovingly enters our heart when we ask him to.   And he lives in us forever.   WHOA.

So maybe I'm not a cynic.

But I AM wary of the smooth talkers out there.

A new poll is up (upper right).
If you can, please vote.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

My mom and dad's differing view of the beach...plus more Florida beach pics!...

First the beach pics... which I adore...
These really don't need explanations... well, unless you don't know me, and have never been to my blog before...  (WELCOME!!)
This is Bailey, our son Will's beautiful wife, with their daughter Nell (MY GRANDDAUGHTER).
Bailey is expecting a baby brother for Nell in November!

That's Will, and Ryan, our daughter's wonderful husband.
They're cooking for us on the last night of our beach vacation.

It was homemade spaghetti. It was super YUM.

Here's Daddy-Pap (my husband Sam), taking his granddaughter out to the shore.
That's my foot on the lower left.
(It didn't get sunburned.)

The next three pictures are of little Nell with her Aunt Laura...
Little Nell was doing everything her aunt was doing...
which included having fun.

Every night we saw beautiful sunsets.
This was not the most breathtaking, 
but it had my favorite people in it, so that was breathtaking.

Being on the beautiful Carillon Beach with our family was extremely relaxing, satisfying, fun, heart-warming and every other great word you can think of.
Growing up we'd go to South Padre Island many, many times.  It was always fun... except when we'd drive home with awful sunburns.... and then try and sleep with those awful sunburns.
Sadly it was only when I got older that I developed a strong desire to always put on lots of sunscreen... throughout the day.
My mother loved the beach.
She could live there... all the days of her life.

My dad, no.
The sand and salty water were, well, not conducive to comfort, in his opinion.

But then, my mother always loved (loves) camping out and my dad enjoyed camping out near a Holiday Inn or something similar, where he could stay.

Needless to say, we didn't do any camping out growing up.
We (Mother, Peggy and I) did spend one night at the beach in a cabana/shelter type place. Daddy was on a business trip. Turned out he got home a day early, realized where we were... and had to come save us from any potential bad person that might break in to our cabana-thing.

We were glad to see him, but not too glad when he started pointing out how he didn't like to sleep in a bed with some sand in it, etc., etc.

So he wasn't a beach/camping out kind of guy... but he was a Marine, and I guess had his chance for all that years before (in not a vacation kind of way).

But he was a wonderful dad, and my mother a wonderful mother - and they taught me how marriages can work - even when the husband and wife are very different.

Me? Sand in my bed is manageable, if I do all I can to get it out of the bed.

I do think I could live at the beach ... for the rest of my life.... well, as long as my loved ones lived nearby!!!

By the way, did you know that South Padre Island is on the same latitude as Miami, Florida?!

It's true!!

So now we're home... with wonderful memories. 

The beach house we stayed at in Florida is one of three... 
Go HERE to learn about them.

I just put up a new poll (1:00 PM, Sept. 25)
(upper right)
Vote if you can.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Carillon Beach 2015

Yesterday afternoon we got our picture taken...

Here's a similar one from June 2014.
You can tell who changed the most.
(Well, 2 people changed the most.)

You may notice that in those pictures Sam and I are wearing the same clothes as the year before.
(When we find clothes we like, we are loyal!)

So we're having a great time.

Today is our last full day.  Some folks on their last full day of a vacation would try to sandwich everything in that they could.  We're all similar in that we're making this last day a "Chill Day".... just relaxing... and enjoying being together.  

It's a great life.

Oh, and I just put up a poll... upper right ...that you can vote on your cell phone if you really want to... but no pressure.  Just a few votes satisfy me.

The last poll had Sweden winning over other countries as an answer to this question: Let's say you don't like Trump, but he is elected President. Where would you rather move?
Costa Rica got a strong second place, with Singapore coming in with just one vote for third place.

This next poll is not as serious. It's about food... which is one of my favorite subjects.

I will close with two posters that are resonating with me...

Saturday, September 19, 2015

On Beach Time!

Last night ...

And then today...

My view from the bed...

Last night Nell wasn't too sure about the sand... but today she was into it!!!
And this evening...

Yes, we're ...

And I like this....

Friday, September 18, 2015

Caution: this post may cause jealousy.

Right this very minute I am in my jammies, drinking coffee- and overlooking a beautiful beach and some blue/green Gulf of Mexico water.

I didn't take this picture... but the water looks like that as I type this.

It's the life.

I will put up my own pictures shortly.

We'll be here a week.
We got in last night - after a long day of flight delays and a cancellation at DFW airport.  (Yesterday all of the computers were out for American Airlines at DFW for several hours- and maybe other airports.  We heard it made the news.)

Ah, but it was worth the tiring day... to be sitting here ... in heaven.

And soon we'll pick up some family ... whom I won't list here, in case you're interested in robbing their houses.

We came here in June of last year.
If you'd like you can click HERE for that post. It's a fun post. And Nell has changed a lot since then.

I'll leave you with 2 cartoons...


I have a new poll up! (upper right) 
... and you can vote on your cell phone, with this suggestion:
"If you scroll to the bottom on your phone
and click "view web version"
you can vote!
I just did!!"
That comment was by Sara.
Thanks Sara.

In my last poll Charades won as a game to play.
Second place: Scrabble. Third place was a tie: Monopoly and Uno.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Inspiration to be Creative!

Whenever I see an article about creativity I want to read it.
I really like thinking about creativity.... and how I can be better at it.
This is called "Creative Thinking Brain".
(This is a public domain picture.)

I know I have this blog, and a Doodle blog called INSPIRATION by Janie (from my middle name)... but I can so get in a rut of being the same old same old.  
And I need inspiration - to be out-of-the-box creative!
And I got that inspiration this past Sunday!

We went to nephew Rob's church in Roanoke, especially to see Corey Fuller's DAILY ARTIFACT presentation... and to find out what it was all about.... and we were inspired.

I don't want to say a lot, because, well, Corey can tell it so much better.  Click HERE for his great website.
I would suggest you go there.... and be inspired.

Here are some pictures from Sunday...
That's Corey with some of his art (artifacts).

Here is Rob giving his wonderful message on "Art as a Spiritual Practice".

Click HERE for the podcast of Rob's "Art as a Spiritual Practice". It's great.

Here's the talented couple who leads in worship music before Rob speaks...
As you may can tell, the worship/music time is not loud and wowy, but soft and worshipful.

And I wanted to show that above picture, to show you the unique background of the 'stage'.
I think it's artsy, and casual and very creative.
Rob's creative wife Caroline designed it.

So now I want to show you how the artifacts were placed around the room...
Oh look!  That's Bailey's dad and her vivacious step-mom!
Here's some more...

And even more...
Those are just a few artifacts - there are 366.
You really ought to go to Corey Fuller's website
You'll See Fuller (get it?).
On a different note, I'm excited to tell you that I got a great comment on my last post
about voting on my polls with your cell phone!
Here's Sara's comment...
"If you scroll to the bottom on your phone
and click "view web version"
you can vote!
I just did!!" 

So try and vote on my poll (upper right)
if you haven't already.
I'd love it.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Autumn Winks at YOU!!!

Autumn WINKS at YOU!!! 

The Doggy Wink is not necessarily for Autumn...
Doggies are for year round. Yes!

Oh, and notice the hanging owl basket on the wall, with the Owl Wink in it.
(SuSu gave me that basket - I love it!!!)

Here are some more...
Yes, even Frankenstein can wink!!!

I almost kept the Scarecrow Wink for our front door.
(Sam almost insisted.)
(Look how serene the scarecrow looks.)

And yes, that Trick or Treat Wink is a Candy Corn.
(I really like Candy Corn.)

(Notice the Ghost Wink up there?)

Needless to say, I'm into Winks!... 
AND I love the Wink-maker...
That's Susan Martin Prather,
whom I lovingly call SuSu.

You can get those Winks in Mother's and my booth at LoneStar Antiques (5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX.) (Not everything is antique.) You walk into the mall and turn left and walk a ways ... and you'll see our booth on the right.  Its number is 523 - but the booths aren't set up by their numbers.

Or got to Susan's Winks Facebook page...  and let her know you want one. 
She has other ways to get them...  ... but you can always contact me and I will get you in touch with the Wink Lady herself.

In closing, I'll show you how I myself can make a Wink...
Oh dear. My eyes are so tiny you can hardly tell which one is winking.
(And you can tell that I must not mind being a silly-self on this blog.)

Now I'm daring myself not to delete that last picture on this post.

And soon I will tell you how I'm daring myself to be more creative.
(And I want it to be a daily thing.)

Stay tuned.

And if you haven't voted on my recent poll (upper right), please do.
Unfortunately you can't vote on a cell phone.  :(

Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's Fall, Y'all!

Well, technically it is not fall yet... but soon, it will be official.
As for me, it IS fall, y'all.

We went to Baylor's first home football game Saturday... and it was Sam's and my first game in McClane Stadium.
Wow. It was fun and exciting.

The Baylor Line (made up of freshmen who are big supporters of the Bears) was bigger than ever...
This brought back special memories... of Laura running on the field as a part of the Baylor Line.
(I live through her vicariously.)

And here's Pat, me, and Sam... with Justin in the back!...
Justin is Pat's son...
and Sam and I were talking today about what a wonderful man he is.
And I really think he could host a good late night talk show.
(He has a super sense of humor.)

Here he is before the game with his family...

From left, Justin, Thatcher (who just turned 1), Arlo (who will be 3 soon) and their mommy, Amber.
What a precious family they are.

Here are Amber, Justin and Arlo admiring the cake Sam and I bought at the Collin Street Bakery...
Justin asked, "Arlo, what does that say?"
It just said BU...
but Arlo said, "ARLO!"
So he's SO ready for his birthday in a few weeks!

So we went to the game... 
and it was so fun - 
because we WON!!
We beat Lamar 66-31!!
(I'm a poet!)

I have other fall stuff ...
like fall Winks in my booth...
but I want them to get their own blog post.

And I am feeling creative...
because I was challenged to be - this morning.
That also deserves its own blog post,
so stay tuned.

I'm going to be blogging big time.

In the mean time, you can vote on my latest poll (upper right)...
though you can't vote on it if you're on a cell phone...
unless I figure out how to fix that.

My last poll was interesting.
It only had 15 voters...
but 6 of them voted for Bernie Sanders,
and 6 voted for Ben Carson.
Hillary Clinton got 1 vote,
Ted Cruz got 1 vote,
and Joe Biden got 1 vote.

Trump didn't get any votes.
That tells you the high caliber of my blog readers.
(And that statement tells you what I think of Trump.)

Stay tuned...
and MORE!!
and don't forget the poll!!

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