Thursday, September 3, 2015

Buck Owens Sang About It...

... and now we're living it.

Shiloh, Sam and I are "Together Again"!!!

And we're glad.

We'd thought his apartment was not the place for Shiloh... but we've changed our mind!!

This apartment complex is actually ideal for dogs (if ever an apartment complex was).
They have yards around with little baggies you can get for the dog's you-know-what... and well, it just all works.
And since Shiloh is an older dog now (about 12 in our years) well, he's not as wired... and likes to lie around as Sam and I do, so that all works!

So far so good.
Of course it's only been about 3 hours.
But, hey, why not blog while the going's good?!

Here he is in our apartment - in a 50-minute-old picture.

He had a great time at the Huffmans... but sometimes older dogs and younger dogs get cranky with each other.

I know I can get cranky...  and dogs are so human... but ALL IS WELL NOW.

We older cranky folks need to stick together.

Oh, and he had to get this thingy - so as not to lick his wounds...
We just put it on him.
Poor boy.
But he's with his mama who loves him. :)

Soon I will blogging about FINALLY finishing my Peggy-book.

(Thanks for not pressuring me to get it done.)

(If you don't know what I'm talking about - it's okay.)

All is well.   Shiloh, Sam and I are back together again.

That's the main thing TODAY!

(And a special thanks to John and Elizabeth and their three little ones who spent hours at the animal emergency clinic last night.)
(We love you and appreciate your taking care of sweet Shiloh for so long!)


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Welcome home Shiloh!! I'm sure he is glad to be back with you guys!!

Jan said...

So happy you are all together again. I'm sure Shiloh is a very happy boy!

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