Monday, September 21, 2015

Carillon Beach 2015

Yesterday afternoon we got our picture taken...

Here's a similar one from June 2014.
You can tell who changed the most.
(Well, 2 people changed the most.)

You may notice that in those pictures Sam and I are wearing the same clothes as the year before.
(When we find clothes we like, we are loyal!)

So we're having a great time.

Today is our last full day.  Some folks on their last full day of a vacation would try to sandwich everything in that they could.  We're all similar in that we're making this last day a "Chill Day".... just relaxing... and enjoying being together.  

It's a great life.

Oh, and I just put up a poll... upper right ...that you can vote on your cell phone if you really want to... but no pressure.  Just a few votes satisfy me.

The last poll had Sweden winning over other countries as an answer to this question: Let's say you don't like Trump, but he is elected President. Where would you rather move?
Costa Rica got a strong second place, with Singapore coming in with just one vote for third place.

This next poll is not as serious. It's about food... which is one of my favorite subjects.

I will close with two posters that are resonating with me...

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