Sunday, September 6, 2015

I might still wear white shoes...

... tomorrow. 
Those aren't my white shoes.

Rules of yesteryear are no longer followed... well, around here anyway.

Why, I even found an article (actually there are many) about that.  The Wise Geek has an article entitled "Why Are You Not Supposed to Wear White after Labor Day".  

In other news, we've narrowed our house search to two houses... and are hoping to hear about one of them soon - whether our offer is accepted.

Lately, though, our house search has been put in perspective when I've watched the news.
Well, often world news puts my life in perspective... but particularly now... what with all the Syrian refugees trying to get into Europe.

House hunting seems, well, frivolous.

Well, that is the way our whole American way of life seems - when you (I) compare it to how other people are living around the world.  It seems frivolous.
I mean, those refugees aren't fretting about whether they can wear white shoes tomorrow.

I won't fret about it ... and will just appreciate the fact I live in a free, frivolous country.
And I pray it stays free.

In other news I've started (for a while anyway) putting up some polls again...on the upper right side.
I don't think you can vote if you're using your cell phone, but I would love you to vote however you can.

In closing, here's a quote I found ...
"If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend."  ~Doug Larson


sara [at] journey of doing said...

My sweet friend Ana works in refugee camps in the Middle East. She shared some really humbling thoughts recently - maybe you would appreciate reading them:

It's difficult to comprehend from our comfortable position here in the U.S.

Nancy said...

I just read your friend's thoughts. VERY GOOD. Definitely puts things in perspective.

I so appreciate your comments, Sarah... and that you continue to read my blog!!!!

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