Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Inspiration to be Creative!

Whenever I see an article about creativity I want to read it.
I really like thinking about creativity.... and how I can be better at it.
This is called "Creative Thinking Brain".
(This is a public domain picture.)

I know I have this blog, and a Doodle blog called INSPIRATION by Janie (from my middle name)... but I can so get in a rut of being the same old same old.  
And I need inspiration - to be out-of-the-box creative!
And I got that inspiration this past Sunday!

We went to nephew Rob's church in Roanoke, especially to see Corey Fuller's DAILY ARTIFACT presentation... and to find out what it was all about.... and we were inspired.

I don't want to say a lot, because, well, Corey can tell it so much better.  Click HERE for his great website.
I would suggest you go there.... and be inspired.

Here are some pictures from Sunday...
That's Corey with some of his art (artifacts).

Here is Rob giving his wonderful message on "Art as a Spiritual Practice".

Click HERE for the podcast of Rob's "Art as a Spiritual Practice". It's great.

Here's the talented couple who leads in worship music before Rob speaks...
As you may can tell, the worship/music time is not loud and wowy, but soft and worshipful.

And I wanted to show that above picture, to show you the unique background of the 'stage'.
I think it's artsy, and casual and very creative.
Rob's creative wife Caroline designed it.

So now I want to show you how the artifacts were placed around the room...
Oh look!  That's Bailey's dad and her vivacious step-mom!
Here's some more...

And even more...
Those are just a few artifacts - there are 366.
You really ought to go to Corey Fuller's website
You'll See Fuller (get it?).
On a different note, I'm excited to tell you that I got a great comment on my last post
about voting on my polls with your cell phone!
Here's Sara's comment...
"If you scroll to the bottom on your phone
and click "view web version"
you can vote!
I just did!!" 

So try and vote on my poll (upper right)
if you haven't already.
I'd love it.

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