Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's Fall, Y'all!

Well, technically it is not fall yet... but soon, it will be official.
As for me, it IS fall, y'all.

We went to Baylor's first home football game Saturday... and it was Sam's and my first game in McClane Stadium.
Wow. It was fun and exciting.

The Baylor Line (made up of freshmen who are big supporters of the Bears) was bigger than ever...
This brought back special memories... of Laura running on the field as a part of the Baylor Line.
(I live through her vicariously.)

And here's Pat, me, and Sam... with Justin in the back!...
Justin is Pat's son...
and Sam and I were talking today about what a wonderful man he is.
And I really think he could host a good late night talk show.
(He has a super sense of humor.)

Here he is before the game with his family...

From left, Justin, Thatcher (who just turned 1), Arlo (who will be 3 soon) and their mommy, Amber.
What a precious family they are.

Here are Amber, Justin and Arlo admiring the cake Sam and I bought at the Collin Street Bakery...
Justin asked, "Arlo, what does that say?"
It just said BU...
but Arlo said, "ARLO!"
So he's SO ready for his birthday in a few weeks!

So we went to the game... 
and it was so fun - 
because we WON!!
We beat Lamar 66-31!!
(I'm a poet!)

I have other fall stuff ...
like fall Winks in my booth...
but I want them to get their own blog post.

And I am feeling creative...
because I was challenged to be - this morning.
That also deserves its own blog post,
so stay tuned.

I'm going to be blogging big time.

In the mean time, you can vote on my latest poll (upper right)...
though you can't vote on it if you're on a cell phone...
unless I figure out how to fix that.

My last poll was interesting.
It only had 15 voters...
but 6 of them voted for Bernie Sanders,
and 6 voted for Ben Carson.
Hillary Clinton got 1 vote,
Ted Cruz got 1 vote,
and Joe Biden got 1 vote.

Trump didn't get any votes.
That tells you the high caliber of my blog readers.
(And that statement tells you what I think of Trump.)

Stay tuned...
and MORE!!
and don't forget the poll!!


Pat said...

It was a fun day and a great game! Thanks for bringing the awesome desserts!

Sara Elizabeth said...

Next year, we'll be celebrating those wins with you... and sporting that green and gold! That cake looks like a sugar rush - perfect for Arlo's birthday!! ;)