Thursday, September 24, 2015

My mom and dad's differing view of the more Florida beach pics!...

First the beach pics... which I adore...
These really don't need explanations... well, unless you don't know me, and have never been to my blog before...  (WELCOME!!)
This is Bailey, our son Will's beautiful wife, with their daughter Nell (MY GRANDDAUGHTER).
Bailey is expecting a baby brother for Nell in November!

That's Will, and Ryan, our daughter's wonderful husband.
They're cooking for us on the last night of our beach vacation.

It was homemade spaghetti. It was super YUM.

Here's Daddy-Pap (my husband Sam), taking his granddaughter out to the shore.
That's my foot on the lower left.
(It didn't get sunburned.)

The next three pictures are of little Nell with her Aunt Laura...
Little Nell was doing everything her aunt was doing...
which included having fun.

Every night we saw beautiful sunsets.
This was not the most breathtaking, 
but it had my favorite people in it, so that was breathtaking.

Being on the beautiful Carillon Beach with our family was extremely relaxing, satisfying, fun, heart-warming and every other great word you can think of.
Growing up we'd go to South Padre Island many, many times.  It was always fun... except when we'd drive home with awful sunburns.... and then try and sleep with those awful sunburns.
Sadly it was only when I got older that I developed a strong desire to always put on lots of sunscreen... throughout the day.
My mother loved the beach.
She could live there... all the days of her life.

My dad, no.
The sand and salty water were, well, not conducive to comfort, in his opinion.

But then, my mother always loved (loves) camping out and my dad enjoyed camping out near a Holiday Inn or something similar, where he could stay.

Needless to say, we didn't do any camping out growing up.
We (Mother, Peggy and I) did spend one night at the beach in a cabana/shelter type place. Daddy was on a business trip. Turned out he got home a day early, realized where we were... and had to come save us from any potential bad person that might break in to our cabana-thing.

We were glad to see him, but not too glad when he started pointing out how he didn't like to sleep in a bed with some sand in it, etc., etc.

So he wasn't a beach/camping out kind of guy... but he was a Marine, and I guess had his chance for all that years before (in not a vacation kind of way).

But he was a wonderful dad, and my mother a wonderful mother - and they taught me how marriages can work - even when the husband and wife are very different.

Me? Sand in my bed is manageable, if I do all I can to get it out of the bed.

I do think I could live at the beach ... for the rest of my life.... well, as long as my loved ones lived nearby!!!

By the way, did you know that South Padre Island is on the same latitude as Miami, Florida?!

It's true!!

So now we're home... with wonderful memories. 

The beach house we stayed at in Florida is one of three... 
Go HERE to learn about them.

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