Tuesday, September 29, 2015

So we need time to just BE?

My most recent poll was kind of telling.

That is, it was telling me that most of my poll-voters were maybe wanting some time just to BE.

The poll question was "Which is a more interesting title for a self-help book?"
The answers to choose from:
Time to Play.
Time to Relax.
Time to Soar.
Time to Be.

(I thought Relax would win, but Be won.)

This time of year can have exhausting busyness creep up on us.
There are school activities... extracurricular activities ... and church activities getting into full swing.
Oh and football games to go to - or play.
And Halloween is coming ... and Thanksgiving is coming .... and then Christmas!!
And it all comes after maybe a lazy summer.

(I'm tired just writing that.)

Lately I have found some articles on the internet that deal with slowing down... and putting margins and boundaries in our lives.

Why just this very morning I found an article posted on Facebook by Donald Miller that fits this theme.
It's Shauna Niequist's "Stop Hustling and Get Your Life Back".  It's great.

Here is another article I saw recently, that is, well, more than good : It's "7 Spiritual Consequences of a Hurried, Busy Life."

And here is another good article/essay: "I'm Returning to Single-Tasking."

I hope you have time to maybe give one of those a look.
And if you don't have time to give them a look, well, at least I've made you think that maybe an unhurried life is good.

In the summer and fall of 1989 I went to a Christian counselor.  I was going for grief therapy. 
During our counseling sessions it seemed that I was dealing with more than grief.
Del (my counselor) had me take a burnout test. And I scored high, which was not a good thing.
(I've blogged about this before.)

Anyway, I learned to give myself permission to be imperfect. I learned that clutter was not evil and wouldn't actually 'grow'... And that sometimes dirty clothes aren't THAT dirty and can be worn one - or more- times, before washing. And that serving frozen pizza (after it's been baked) is okay every now and then.

And I didn't have to be the perfect pastor's wife.  Really. I could just be the first runner-up!

I write all this to say that this time of year can make you tired.

So maybe you ought to take the time to rest... and not do everything.

Here are 2 signs I like...

And this next one kind of relates....  (I love it.)

I have another poll up (upper right).  If you can, please vote... but no pressure.


sara [at] journey of doing said...

I needed this today. Too many mental breakdowns over the past few weeks. I'm embarrassed to admit how I have been falling apart so much. Not enough time to be. Of course, it's my fault. Need to be better about those boundaries. Need to take more time to just be. Need to remember to look up at the sky more often than not. Thanks for the reminder. But really... pray for me to learn to be. :)

Nancy said...

Sara, I am praying for you... to learn to BE.

You do so much good in this world.... but remember to be good to yourself.

I'd love to visit in person some time - well, when time permits.

You treasure YOURSELF, OKAY?

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