Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Some faces I love to see...

At the end of CITY SLICKERS Billy Crystal's character tells his kids, "These faces! I missed these faces!" (That's how I remember that line.)

I have often thought how interesting it is that faces, like leaves and snowflakes, and well, everything, are so different from each other.  No face - even a twin's - is exactly like another.

And here are some faces I love to see ...
From left: Julian, Barry, Heather holding baby Wren, and Paula.
(Beautiful family, huh?)

Here are other faces I love to see ...
That's Valerie, Zander and Nadir.
(Another beautfiful family.)
Here's Zander up close eating a strawberry.
Yum, yum!

Here's another face I love to see...
The blackboard tells you where Nell was getting ready to go.
(That was last week.)
(Now she's a more seasoned preschooler.)

And here's an adorable face - with an adorable dress ...
This picture was taken last week on Anna's first day of her last year of preschool.
(That may be my favorite outfit I've seen anyone wear in a while.)
(I don't think it would look as cute on me, though.)


Of course there are other faces I love to see.
And when I see them I smile.

Have you noticed the thing about recognition?
It happens all the time in the tea room.

Someone comes in,
looking around for a friend or friends
who might have gotten there before him/her.
He/she is looking, looking, looking...
and then he/she sees them!

And he/she smiles big!!!

Recognition of a face we love always brings big smiles,
have you noticed?

I know that's a very simple observation,
but I like observing it.

It makes me smile.


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