Friday, October 16, 2015

Are you kidding me?!


The factory foreman inspected the shipment of crystal vases leaving the plant, and approached his new packer. He put his arm around the man's shoulder and said,
"Well, Ole, I see you did what I asked. Stamped the top of each box, This Side Up,
Handle With Care."
"Yes sir," the worker replied. "And just to make sure, I stamped it on the bottom, too."

Will you love me when I'm old and ugly?
Darling, of course I do.

Q: Why did Waldo only wear stripes?
A: Because he didn't want to be spotted!

An eight-year-old kid says to his dad, “When I grow up, I want to be a musician.”
The dad says, “I am sorry -- can’t have it both ways.”


A bent-over old lady hobbled into a doctor's office.
Within minutes, she came out again but miraculously, she was standing up as straight as could be.
A man in the waiting room who had been watching her said in amazement; "My goodness, what did the doctor do to you?”
The old lady replied, "He gave me a longer cane!”


Why did the archaeologist go bankrupt?

Because his career was in ruins.

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

BWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! Best post ever for the drive home from Copperas Cove!!

Nancy said...

Sara, your comment made my day!!!!

My hometown...

I am thinking of my hometown now. Mission, Texas. And McAllen, Texas. And Mercedes, Texas, where I was born. And Donna, Texas, so near there...