Saturday, October 31, 2015


I have some pics!

The first ones are of earlier this week, but I'll let them count as my Halloween pics for now.
They are of my twin's grandchildren, whom I ADORE!!!
Are they not fantastically cute?!?

Here are nephew Rob's children tonight...
Oh my. They're fantastically cute, too!!!!

[All of the above pictures I stole from Facebook.]

These next pictures I took myself...
That's Princess Leia with Will and Bailey.
The Princess was ready to go get some treats.

So we went to get some treats!
(I showed great restraint by not reaching in and grabbing something.)

I know those were A LOT of pictures,
but well, it's NELL, (uh, PRINCESS LEIA)!!!


By the way in my recent poll, Darth Vader won
(as to who would you rather be on Halloween).
Minion came in second.


I have another poll up (upper right).
Please vote, if you can!!

My hometown...

I am thinking of my hometown now. Mission, Texas. And McAllen, Texas. And Mercedes, Texas, where I was born. And Donna, Texas, so near there...