Friday, October 23, 2015

I've Been Exploring God!

Yes, I have... with a lot of other folks around the Metroplex, and eventually around the world.

Several churches - of all flavors - have been going through a 7 week sermon and small group series of EXPLORE GOD

Here's a map of the churches in this part of Texas that have been doing it...
Yes, you can say with me : 'WHOA!'

You may have seen the signs in yards - and billboards...

Here has been the schedule we've all followed...
September 13     Does Life Have a Purpose?
September 20     Is There a God?
September 27     Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?
October 4            Is Christianity Too Narrow?
October 11          Is Jesus Really God?
October 18          Is the Bible Reliable?
October 25         Can I Know God Personally?

 So this Sunday is the last Sunday for it.

It has been great. GREAT.

I can be kind of a cynic - what with years of church work behind me, etc. (which one might think would make me NOT a cynic... but, well, that may be material for another post.)

ANYWAY, I was not expecting deep material, frankly. Since I've been teaching ESL again at Bear Valley Church, I've been staying for the second service - and have been enthralled with the Explore God messages.

They have not been simplistic.

I have found the 'course' to be very inspiring... and nourishing my soul.

And I'm going to research the people more who put it together. (It started in Austin.)

Here's a quote from their website in the 'About Us' section...
We are Christians, not know-it-alls. We're a diverse group from different denominations who don't see eye-to-eye on everything, and we love asking tough questions and seeking out credible information together. 
I liked that statement.

You can go to the Explore God website and find out more about it.
OR you can give me a comment on how you've liked it... because I have a lot of blog readers that are doing it!

Different note, please vote on my recent poll (upper right), if you haven't already... and if you can.

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