Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My Favorite Things!

Here are a few more ...

This salsa is awesome... (the brand AND the flavor)...
... and I didn't buy it!
It was given to me by Connie Renfro.  (Notice the name?)
Connie comes into the tea room often,
and I always give her a hug.

(That salsa is on sale everywhere -
it's made in Fort Worth,
by Connie's husband's family.)

It is delicious!!!

Here's Connie's profile pic on Facebook...
Yes, you can tell she is one classy lady!!
And she's a wonderful Christian mentor to many.
(I happen to know at least one.)
What else is a favorite of mine?
This picture of Will's...
Isn't that great?!

Another favorite of mine is this shoe....
There are two of those.
And that isn't my pretty foot.

That's Lorie, my beautiful sister-in-law's foot/shoe.
And here is Minnalee (another dear board member)
admiring it.
I love that picture....and those ladies.

Another favorite?
This picture...
That's my great niece Caroline, her Nana (my mom) and my great nephew, Andrew,
on Nana's porch.

Earlier Caroline asked her Nana some questions about her childhood.
Caroline and Andrew learned that Nana had to spend her childhood without Legos!
And without television!!

They did learn than Nana won the prize for reading the most books in her first grade class...
and then in her second grade class!!!

We think that Caroline could win that kind of prize, too.
She is also an avid reader.

Another favorite...
Mother's squirrel bowl filled with nuts...
This is on her porch, but couldn't be seen well in the picture before last.
I think it's darling.


Here are more favorites...
These are some jack-o-lanterns Laura and Ryan did...
and put on Facebook recently.

Oooo. They're kind of scary!
I like this...

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If possible VOTE!

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