Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday's Several...

Here are several things I like, or have found interesting, or both...

1. There is a very popular book out there that is saying it will help your kids fall asleep.
HERE is an article about it.
I just might order it... even if I don't have kids currently living with me. 

2. Other news: We have a garage!  We were on the waiting list... and we got one... and it is the closest one to our apartment!
That is my car parked in front of it.
Sam's is inside...
so basically we have 2 parking spaces now!
(I had underestimated the luxury of having our own garage(s)... until this year.)

3.  Shiloh-pup has a view now ...
It was either pull up the blinds, or have Shiloh chew on them to see out.
The former trumped the latter.

4. We are REALLY enjoying apartment living.  At least apartment living HERE
If you need to live in an apartment please find out just how thin or thick the walls are.  We found out that there are some expensive apartment complexes that have saved money by making thin walls!
NOT ENCLAVE AT HOMETOWN! We have neighbors that have two children and three dogs, and we have NEVER heard anything through the walls.  (We do hear from our front door - but that is seldom.)

5. Kelsey Grammer (whom some folks have said resembles my husband) wore a t-shirt that, well, told his political views...
I thought that was very interesting...
on many levels.

6. On a lighter note, I found a fun website, Today I Found Out (subtitled "Feed Your Brain").
It has a rather interesting article called "Bean There, Done That" about legumes.
It has many more interesting articles.
I particularly liked that picture of the legumes.

6. In other news, the Huffmans (my niece and her beautiful family) are hosting John's brother's wedding in their backyard today.  Here they are before the rehearsal yesterday...
Back row: John and Elizabeth.
Front row: Caroline, Andrew and Anna.
(Is that not one of the most beautiful families you've ever seen in your life?)

7. Did I show you beautiful Granddaughter Nell's recent picture in the pumpkin patch?
I get to see her this evening.
It will be hug time!

8. Finally: I have a new poll up!  (Upper right)  Please vote if you can.  Thanks.
It's Texas State Fair time, and well, rides were on my mind.

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