Thursday, October 1, 2015

Some interesting and random pictures for ThrowBackThursday...

Here are some pics I really like ....
You can't enjoy them as much as I do (impossible), but maybe they will make you smile.

This first picture is of my mother's family.
Mother thinks this picture was taken in 1947 sometime.
From left: my Granddaddy Earl, Grandmother Ora, Uncle Harold, Ida who was married to Uncle Jim, Uncle Boyd, my beautiful mother-Margaret, Uncle Warren, and my great granddad Prather (my Grandmother Ora's father).
The only sibling not in this picture is Aunt Lucille, the oldest child of Earl and Ora's.
(Evidently the photographer forgot to say 'CHEESE!')

This next picture is of my father and his grandfather and father.  It must have been taken in 1956 or '57. 
That's my dad on the left, his granddad, Will White, in the middle,
and his dad (my Granddaddy Andy) on the right, with me and Peggy in the front.
(Nobody said "CHEESE!' here either.)

Here are some pictures that are more recent but still qualify for ThrowBackThursday..

Here's a skinnier me playing the piano at the Catarina Church in Piaui, Brazil, in 1982...
That was my natural hair color. Imagine that!

Here's a much later picture... of some dear folks...
That's Baby Andrew being fed his bottle by his Nana (my mom),
and little Caroline with those big brown eyes lookin' at you (me)!

And here's a picture of Sam's brother Steve, with his little Mac ... at a Baylor football game...
Mac liked to sit on his dad's shoulders. 

Here they are in an earlier picture...
I don't think Steve minded much that there was maybe some drool in his hair that day.

In this next picture you'll see that Mac is way beyond drooling on his dad's head!
Isn't that great?
And only appropriate... Steve was (is) an Eagle Scout!!
So those are some pictures that I found enjoyable.

I hope you did, too.


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