Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What is Whimsy Anyway?

Today is Wednesday!  I often have a Whimsy Wednesday post - just for my own fun.

So what is whimsy anyway?

The online Your Dictionary defines 'Whimsy' as...
"something fanciful or unusual in a fun way."

So now you know.

Here's one of the pictures I found when I Googled "whimsy pictures public domain"...
I really liked that.
(Other pictures were of fairies and butterflies, things like that.)
(They were cute, too.)

TODAY I'm using some whimsy I got while babysitting sweet Nell
at her house in Bedford!
(I got permission to post these.)

Here we go .....
This is in the front entryway.
(Nell was napping.)

Daughter Laura has lots of her art on mugs!
Nell's mom found a clever use for Nell's headbands!

Oh, there was a unique lizard outside the front door!

Here's a birthday card I like (bought)...

Here's a cute little owl next to some drumsticks...

I couldn't resist taking this picture...
Soon Nell will be riding with her brother!

Here she looks like she's already ready!...
That picture was taken LAST fall (2014), but doesn't she look mature?! Mm.

Here's a Lego book Nell's father has...

I peeked inside and found these lovelies...

In closing, I'll show you some whimsy I put together myself, while Nell was napping...
I think I have a knack for putting little sandals together with little toy animals, don't you?

I'm sure you've got some whimsy lying around. 
It's fun to find it.

(I have a poll up (upper right) if you haven't voted yet.)

Have a great rest-of-the-week!

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