Saturday, October 3, 2015

While Hubby is watching football....

I will blog.
(I might watch the football highlights. He watches the highlights, the low-lights, and everything-in-between-lights, sometimes several times - he's like my dad in that way.)

So I'm blogging...

We were going to close on a house this Monday.... but it's not happening.
We like the apartment... and so does Shiloh.  (We go for more walks when he's living with us.)
(We had read that big, older dogs do well in apartments. We're seeing that to be true.)

When I put my interior decorating poll up, I was thinking we'd be moving... and I was thinking about decorating a house.  So that poll was about home decor (which I like to think about).
In that poll Eclectic and Country tied for first place. Then Traditional took second place and Southwestern third place.   This was not a scientific study/poll and only 13 people voted (because it's hard to vote sometimes).
The other options got zero votes: Asian, Tropical, Rustic, Contemporary, Mediterranean. There are a lot of styles out there! 
(I voted for Eclectic.)

If I could come up with my ideal 'office/study', this would be it....
The caption for this picture was "Eclectic home office".
(This would help me in practicing climbing ladders.)
Now if you saw Sam's study in our last house
you know that Sam's study trumped the above home office. 
Speaking of Trump - 
My mind is boggled and baffled at his still being popular in the polls. 

I digress... 

Back to home decor...

Here's an idea for a bathroom...
I think Andy and Lauren Hollinger would like this.
(They do cycling... and publish The Racing Post, for cycling enthusiasts.)
 This would be only a natural for them...
and I think Andy would want to ride his sink around town, don't you?

Here's a picture of them ....

Back to home decor...
If I had lots of grandchildren, this might be a good guest room to have ...

(Hmm... the grandkids might wake up too early in this room.)

I'll close with some quotes on home (no matter how it's decorated) ...

"So much of what we know of love we learn at home."

"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."
- Jane Austen

“The most important work you and I will ever do
will be within the walls of our own homes.” 
- Harold B. Lee 


OH, BEFORE YOU GO:  I have a new poll up (upper right)!!!
I know you want to vote... if at all possible!

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

When I voted on your poll, I realized I didn't know what any of those types of decor meant. I wouldn't mind reading in that library... or Sam's old library! Glad you and Shiloh are both enjoying apartment life. :) and taking walks... They say that's one of the keys to happiness, so keep it up! :)

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