Monday, October 12, 2015

You're goin' to like this blog post!

Saturday evening little granddaughter Nell celebrated her 2nd birthday.  It was early (her birthday is Nov. 11) but she wanted to celebrate before her little brother was born.
And she did... at Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine!

Here is Lita and her blowfish and octopus cake pops...
She makes them herself and they are delicious!

I wanted this to be the first picture of this post...
well, because it is such a great picture of Nell's super-creative grandmother,
whom Nell calls "Calo".

Well, before the party started cousins Camryn and Nell had to greet each other...

Then we went into the party room, where Nell was thinking,
"I'm ready!  Hello!"
She had a crown and a party hat, but she just wanted to be comfortable.

So then we had pizza and cake pops and cookie cake...

Then she opened her presents, with her cousins helping.
The first present was from her Nana (my mother) and it was a HIT!!!
That little blue creature would dance around and sing a fun birthday song.
He was FUN!!

Then more gifts were opened...

And then we all took a tour of the aquarium...
Nell liked to get up close.

And here she, Luca and Macy are INSIDE...

We all got our picture made after the party and before the aquarium tour ...
Now that is a great picture...
from a great party!
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but I hope you can.

Have a good day/week/month.
It's beautiful October!

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laura said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

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