Friday, November 13, 2015

Prepare to be AMAZED!!

I am finally finishing up some projects I've been working on.  When they finally get finished I will celebrate big time. (I'm having fun deciding just how to celebrate.)

One project is a Christmas CD of my piano playing.  I know. It sounds kind of braggadocious to put out a CD of my playing... but anyway.
I have a super talented friend/sister-in-Christ who has made all my CD covers and insides ... and here is the Christmas cover!!
 Isn't that super?!?!

Lorrie Cheney did that...
That's Lorrie.

And she's done another cover for a CD I've been working on that will probably be ready after the new year.  (I've been dragging my feet.)

Well, first I'll show you the picture she took of me with her cute lime green bicycle...

Now look at her magic!!
Is that not amazing?!?!
So yes, that Christmas CD cover used to be different.  It was this...
Now it's this...

Years ago she made my first CD cover look like this...
Folks always ask me where that picture was taken.
"I don't know," I say.
"Lorrie magically got me there!"
(I don't have the original, but it was PLAIN...
but I knew it would become spectacular,
thanks to Lorrie!)

So yes, Lorrie is a creative genius magician.

That Christmas CD isn't quite ready but HOPEFULLY in a week or two it will be.
(I should have worked on it earlier... sigh.)

Anyway, there's all that.

 Oh, there's a poll up, you know (upper right).

And it's a gorgeous Friday here in north Texas...
I'm enjoying it!!!


Myra Baker said...

Let us know how to get your Christmas CD when it is available!!!!!

Unknown said...

I want one of each

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