Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gratitude Is HEALING...

... so Thanksgiving Day should be REALLY GOOD for us...  if we indeed give thanks.
... Seriously.

I found some articles on GRATITUDE that are so worth the read...

Click HERE for the article about how gratitude may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Click HERE to find out why resilient leaders need to embrace gratitude. 

And you can click HERE for PSYCHOLOGY TODAY'S article ...
"Cooking Up More Gratitude This Thanksgiving"
with the subtitle 'Why feeling truly thankful isn't always easy,
and what you can do about it". 

And here are some cute 'signs'...

I know we should be thankful everyday of the year.... but for sure on Thanksgiving Day!!!

(I am going to try to be more thankful than usual this Thanksgiving.)
(I dare you to, too.)


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