Monday, November 23, 2015

I know how to have fun...

I've discovered the most fun way to celebrate a birthday.... like Anna's 5th birthday!!!
(Anna is my dear late twin's granddaughter and my great (and wonderful) niece.)

Here she is at Wendy's where she was enjoying a chocolate Frosty. YUM.
We had just come from Toys "R" Us where she picked this out as her present from Sam and me...
First she saw something really expensive (a big Barbie house), and I said, "That's too expensive."  Then I said, "How about this?" (and pointed to that big Barbie).  She immediately said, "Caroline would like that!"
And I said, "Anna, this present is for YOU!!  What do YOU want?"
And then she picked that same Barbie.

A minute later she saw some Legos and immediately said, "Andrew would like those!"

So you see, she is always thinking of others.

Here she is with those 'others' (her older siblings) and Nana on her Nana's porch....
Notice the off-white scarf around Nana's (Mother's) neck.
Caroline (the oldest on the left) made that for Nana a while back. And Nana loves it.

And notice Anna's darling dress.

Here is part of the skirt of it...
Isn't that precious?
She wore that to her Thanksgiving feast that day at her preschool.

After Anna's preschool was over Elizabeth took the kids to Nana's (Mother's) and Nana had some super games to choose from.    They picked OLD MAID... and here they are playing....
After they'd play a round, Anna would say, "Let's play it again!"
And they did... about 4 times, I think.
Now that's fun.

And then Anna and I went birthday-gift-shopping at Toys "R" Us ...
and then to Wendy's for a Frosty.

Here she wanted to show me what some chocolate Frosty would look like on her nose!
I was tempted to lick her nose.
(But I didn't.)

Little Anna is always full of fun...
And I loved being with just her for a while Thursday afternoon.

I somehow came upon the idea of celebrating each of Elizabeth's kids' birthday by spending time with them, picking out a gift, and then having a treat together. 
As we drove to the places we got to talk...
just the two of us.

In August I did it with Andrew. 
Click HERE for the post on that.

In December (or early January) I will have a special time with Caroline -
who will be 9 (NINE!) Dec. 28.
It will be interesting to see what she picks out as her gift (I do have a price limit, btw)
and what treat she wants to eat.
And I mainly look forward to the visiting with her...
just she and I (uh, her and me).

I found out Thursday that little Anna likes to say 'seriously' after lots of her statements.

I have a poll up... (upper right)...
if you haven't voted I would love for you to... 
even if you have to get to your laptop to do it.

My last poll showed this:
Out of 11 votes on "When are you most productive?" -
- 6 votes were for the morning,
1 was for midday,
2 for afternoon,
0 were for evening,
and 2 were for late night.

(I voted 'morning'.) 

It's Thanksgiving week.
I hope you're being thankful!

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

What a sweet story of sweet Anna's heart. That niece of yours is doing it right with those babies of hers. ;) of course, I think she's had a lot of GREAT influences.

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